The 2011 Trip

Part 21 trying to settle in for the winter

Monday, December 20th, 2010

We were up at 0344 MST, 0644 AST or 0944 UTC. That should be sufficient times to entertain everyone. We called Sam, VE1YVN, on 7055 from 0403 MST, 0703 AST or 1003 UTC until 1009 UTC. A total of six minutes. Someone was on 7054 so we went up to 7055 with hopes of someone hearing us. Nothing heard. The band seemed to be very good. Oh well, next time.

We will be glad to get our own line for this computer. We have been trying to transmit two photographs to Robert with no luck. This is one frustrating piece of equipment.

Joan, Bob, Karen and I went to the weekly meeting with free coffee and doughnuts. We survived the rush to the doughnuts. This was at 0830 in the ballroom and they brought us up to date on many things including what is taking place this week. They also introduced any new comers. They went a bit foolish when we were introduced all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Joan gave me strict orders not to say Sambro, Nova Scotia. Heck, I wanted to put Sambro on the map out here.

The couple across from us at our ten person round table were from Regina and both were VE5 amateur radio operators. We gave them one of our cards and told them to check this site out. We hope to hear from them again. It is hard for me to hear in such places with both tinnitus and hearing loss but the hearing aids do help.

There are lots of sports here in the park if one is interested. Some of us can get tired just watching those running back and forth to the various sports sessions. The three largest are golf, baseball and tennis as near as we can tell. They have instructors for each sport and many other things. Quilting is another big pastime. They drew the winning ticket for a nice quilt at the meeting. There was a nice jig saw puzzle put together in the laundry and another in the library. So there is lots to do and no reason to get bored.

Joan, Bob, Karen and I went to Ace Hardware and Fry's grocery this morning and created more inflation. The cost of everything is so much less than at Nova Scotia. When we returned we contacted the internet people and we should have our own e-mail line right into the trailer tomorrow morning. We are looking forward to it because we are still unable to contact anyone. Joan has a lengthy e-mail for Natasha she has been unable to send.

Now to finish hooking up things to last until April. Bob brought over his special brush, bucket and soap to wash the trailer so we no longer have an excuse to not get at that.

We spent the afternoon installing our new 50 foot white water hose and then used the old one to wash the trailer. We installed our new sewer line rack to give it all a gradual slope until it is gone and does not lay in the hose. The trailer was very dirty. Just a wave of mud came sliding down. We started at the back door and made it around to the bedroom window on the other side before we were completely played out. It will take us a couple of more days to get the outside of the trailer clean.

After supper Joan and I went for a walk around the park. It is very big and at times we had no idea where we were. There are as many park model homes in here as there are trailers and motorhomes. We will have to put some photographs on here. A lot of them are decorated for Christmas. There are a few who own two park models. Those who do live in one and rent the other.

Another heavy day.

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