The 2011 Trip
Part 23 Windy morning and the day ended in pouring rain

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Up at 3:45 AM with a couple of calls on 40-meters but no contact. There were two stations heard a little farther down the band. One was an HK1 in Columbia who was the strongest of the two.

It was cool here in the trailer in the morning with no heat on. The temperature was 61F and probably that outside. Joan and Karen went walking at 8:05 AM and walked for an hour. My brother Dick phoned from Calgary just as I was getting into the shower. He and Donna have rented a house near us for a week and plan to arrive on March 26th. Nancy and Oscar plan to come with them with another couple. Nancy is our sister from Nova Scotia.

Joan arrived while I was in the shower. She and Karen then went for tickets for a dinner sometime in January. There is no end to it.

It became very windy about 10 AM. It was quite strong and rocked the trailer a bit. A good excuse to not try and wash the outside of the trailer.

When Joan came back she and I went to Walt-Mart and a couple of grocery stores to create a little inflation and make sure we have enough for over Christmas. We made lunch out of a Subway sandwich and a coke. We arrived home at 2:15 PM and then went to the ball room. Vic, Shirley, Bob, Karen, Pat, Rick, Joan and I sat at one of the 10 place round tables. The band playing was the Fall River Band but it was not from Fall River, Nova Scotia. The band was four guitars and drums. Four male and one female and it was a good band. We enjoy those bands more than the big names that entertain at these places. They did a lot of line dancing to the music and everyone had fun. We arrived back at the trailer at 5 PM for supper.

We made a couple of prints with the HP printer and this lap top and it all worked the “finest kind” as they would say in Sambro. After supper we went to the laundry at 7 PM and did laundry until 9 PM. It was pouring rain when we came out of the laundry.

And that was the day!

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