The 2011 Trip
Part 24 a few photographs

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Heavy rain woke us about 2 AM. We were up for a few minutes and then went back to bed and sound to sleep. We did not hear anything until we got up at 7:10 AM. In other words we missed checking into 40-meters at 4 AM.Joan and Karen went for their morning walk at 9 AM.

I finished washing the trailer but am saving the wheels for later. One should never do something like that all at once. My right knee hurts so bad I put my knee brace on. I'm definitely past my best before date. My knee feels similar to a bad toothache.

I wanted to wander around and take some photos of the different rigs here for the winter but Joan and I wandered off to the post office and Wal-Mart down at Apache Junction and did not get back until 3:30 PM.

The sun is so low then it is impossible to take decent photos so that will have to wait but here are some Joan took on her morning walk.


This one is for you Bonita. There is a street here in the park by that name and Joan could not pass it up.


There are a number of Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon and Tangerine trees here in the park. This is Joan at a grapefruit tree.


This is Karen at a different grapefruit tree just across the road from where Joan was with a grapefruit tree.


This is an orange grove.


A grapefruit tree.


A grapefruit tree.


This is a cactus all decked out for Christmas with a prickly pear tree behind it.


This is a flower bush for some expert to identify. We call it something but probably not correct.


These are two vicious guard dogs. A neat idea. They are made from pottery plant pots.


This is a view of the mountain across from the park.


This is a view of some cactus in front of a few park model RV trailers. The park has many of these park models. There are a few where one owns two of them. They live in one and rent the other. A lawnmower salesman would starve to death in this country and as far back as East Texas. There are no lawns like we have in Nova Scotia.


This is the front sign out by the main road route 60.


This should be enough photographs to entertain you for awhile and I promise we will get you more as time goes by.

Joan made the nightly garbage run alone after supper. I want to lay back on this knee a bit and see if I can get it feeling better.

They come around and collect your garbage for a fee but we find it a nice walk to take it to the dumpster. They collect the garbage with a pickup pulling a trailer with high mesh sides and tail gate. The trailer has two “wambacks”. Two girls actually who stand on the sides of the trailer and collect the garbage on each side of the trailer or road. A wamback is one who stands on the back of a garbage truck and yells “wamback” as it backs up. I'll bet you did not know that! At least they are not foolish with the garbage here yet. Here, garbage is garbage, simply throw it in a dumpster. They do have a couple of special dumpsters for, newspapers, magazines, and the like. In Nova Scotia one has to damn near gift wrap it for the garbage police. Garbage police go around to make sure you have each piece in its proper bag. If not the garbage truck does not collect it. Oh well, it creates jobs both for the police and those who sort the garbage.

We simply laid around for the rest of the day and read. It was a bit cool out during the evening with a clear sky.

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