The 2011 Trip
Part 25 the day before Christmas

Friday, December 24th, 2010

My years of experience dictate a four o'clock in the morning session on 40-meters for the best results in amateur radio. One should be able to reach quite a distance at that time with a vertical whip antenna. One could hear voices on 7055 this morning at that time but not well enough to identify them as English, Spanish or something else. So, no contact with anyone again after several calls. It looks like we need a change. Back to bed and up at 8:10 AM. We need to stay around that time in the morning. It would be rather stupid to get thrown out of this park before we arrive. We did not spend the time looking around that we planned on the way down so arrived well before the January 1st date that we were due. My Scout radio will not likely interfere with anyone or anything but in case it did I do not want to be using it when it could create the most interference. There are very rich people in this park and if my Scout managed to get a wide screen TV or two dancing – well, lets not think about that. Stay very early in the morning at least for now.

When looking over some of this last evening I noted that the spell check changed the word Garmin, as in GPS, to German. I have a hard time reading things on this lap top at times. Sorry about that but no doubt you knew the difference.

A nice sunny clear sky day. We had to bring in the awnings on the left side of the trailer to let the sun in and warm things up. It was cool enough last night that the furnace kicked in several times set at 60F.

The park put on a Christmas dinner today for over two hundred of us at $12.50 each. This started at 1 PM and terminated at 3 PM. One had a choice of stuffed pork chop or roast beef. Both came with a nice fresh salad, corn, mashed potato, green beans, roll, tea or coffee and a nice cake for desert. Joan and I had the stuffed pork chop and it was very good. So was the cake. A layer cake with jam and whip cream.

After the dinner John, Liz, Vic and Shirley came in to look our trailer over. Vic and Shirley have the Airstream across 23rd Street from us but I do not know what John and Liz have. They do not live handy us. John served on the Toronto police force with Bob and he and Liz have been coming here for years. Liz claims she cannot get him to go anywhere else.

After the gang left we curled up and had a brief snooze.

Joan went to the carol sing in the evening but I remained at home listening to Christmas music on the stereo. We want to do all we can for this knee and get it back to normal as soon as possible. That was the day before Christmas. Thanks for the photographs of the Christmas eve party at home Lynn.

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