The 2011 Trip
Part 26 Christmas Day

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

We were up at 6:15 AM. Joan had to get an early start on the pies she was making for the Christmas dinner. This being a trailer it means one has to dig in a baggage compartment for this, that or the other thing.

Jodi phoned from High River, Alberta, to say Santa had found them at 7 AM. We had a good chat with her. She and Jeff will be going to Dick and Donna's for Christmas dinner. Dick said they were expecting about twenty people today for dinner. That is the bad part about being here, we miss out on the family gatherings. Oh well, we knew that when we left.

About 7:30 AM it was clear that I had better get out of the way or become part of a pie or something worse. I went up in the bedroom and crawled into bed and fell to sleep. I did not come to until 9:45 AM and just in time to help Joan with the dishes and clean up. There were two nice looking pies on the dinette table. One coconut cream and one lemon meringue. They are made from scratch as Joan calls it so she had been busy and still had not had her breakfast. Dave, N1EA, asks me about the coconut cream pies every time we make contact. It is a good thing he is not here or the rest of us would get none. Joan had made Dave one the time he came up to visit.

Another beautiful sunny day. It was not as cool last night as it was the night before. At least the furnace did not come on as often. The truck temperature read 75F at noon.

We managed to get involved on a bit of marine radio history even here. We received a photo of the operator transmitting the last message from Victoria Radio VAK at Victoria, British Columbia. In the process we learned the operators name and I managed to alert Robert, G4PYR, to this and of course he wants it for his site. Excellent. Another piece of history recorded and saved.

If you have not seen Robert's website be sure and take a look at it at www.coastalradio.org.uk if you have an interest in coastal radio stations.

At around noon here and 3 PM in Nova Scotia Joan and I went out and sat in the truck and phoned Mitchell on On Star. We had a nice clear chat with Mitch and Josie. Much better than on the cell phone.

Jodi had phoned them this morning. They had given each other the exact same video game. When Jodi phoned Mitch he was playing the game in his basement and Jeff was playing the same game in his basement. Great minds think alike for sure.

At about 3 PM we gathered at Bob and Karen's motorhome for Christmas dinner. Five couples including Joan and I got together for Christmas dinner and split the cost, work and so on. It was a great dinner.


Christmas dinner from left to right: Liz, Joan, Bob, Debbie, Shirley, John, Ian, Vic and Karen. Karen is rather out of sight but she can be seen elsewhere on these pages.



Vic and Shirley own the Airstream across from us. They are registered in Michigan but are originally from London, England. Their flag of England and Union Flag go well with my White Ensign on the front of our trailer. I have the white ensign described in section one.


When we arrived home from the dinner at 7 PM Joan and I sat in the truck and phoned her mother via On Star. We had a great chat with her mother in Weymouth, Nova Scotia. The On Star is so much better than the cell phone.

That was Christmas day for us here at Canyon Vistas RV Park here in Gold Canyon Arizona.

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