The 2011 Trip
Part 27 Boxing Day

Sunday December 26th, 2010

Well, Sam, VE1YVN, and I made it barely. We made contact enough to say we made contact. I was convinced all along that we would have good signals at both ends. We could barely hear each other at 4 AM here and 7 AM in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We would not want to have to pass any messages on those signals. We will have to try 20-meters sometime later in the day when I get brave enough to create some interference around the park.

We went out and about and took a few photographs for this exercise this morning.


This is 23rd Street looking down across the front of our Equest Trailer. Can you see it? 23rd Street is simply a U shaped street.



This is 23rd Street looking in from the other end.



This is the back of 23rd Street looking towards the main buildings including office and recreational facilities, laundry, mail boxes and so on.


This is looking down 23rd Street across the front of our trailer from the other end; the corner or bend in the street.


This is looking down Canyon Vista Way towards the main buildings from where I took the photograph at the end of 23rd Street.


This is Canyon Vista Way looking down in the opposite direction. Each and every site will be full after January 1st and a few that are here now have to leave in order to make way for those coming who have their site paid for.


This is looking down another street.




This park model is for sale and we assume the golf cart goes with it. There are a multitude of these carts running around and after happy hour be careful.

There are 637 total spaces in this park. Every lot is 37 feet by 50 feet with a cement patio on gravel. One has to back in on each site. Each site has both 30 or 50 amp electrical service. There is WiFi and cable television. There are no tent sites. This park is near the Majestic Superstition Mountains the ones we have shown several times on here. There is a hiking trail up the mountains for those that are very ambitious.

Some of the future construction for this area has been terminated because of the recession. One would think they could get a better deal on staying in the area from this.


Joan went walking with Karen, Bob and Liam the pooch after lunch. I read and listened to a few stations chatting on 20-meters. One was in New Hampshire so 20 looks better. I hope to have this knee like new again soon and do not want give it anything to complain about.

When Joan came home we washed the trailer wheels. They certainly look a lot better now that they are washed and painted. Equest simply bolted the wheels on the way they come from the factory in a basic black when they built the trailer. The wheels were looking rather ratty with chunks of the black flaking off. Equest painted the wheels tremco white for us when they gave her a good check before we left. Much better. It was similar to getting dressed up in your finest suit and wearing sneakers or dirty shoes. At least I feel a lot better.

This water is so hard one could probably weld a couple of drops. It leaves little spots over everything. I tried Windex to clean the truck windshield but it did no good. I'll have to do something else to get it clean.

Today was a beautiful sunny warm day. We were out and about in nothing but short sleeved shirts. It gets dark early. The sun set at 5:30 PM but the days should soon start getting longer.

Bob and Karen were in for awhile in the evening to end the day.

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