The 2011 Trip
Part 28 – Another day in and about the park with some photos

Monday, December 27th, 2010

We were up once during the night for no known reason and finally crawled out at 7 AM. Joan got ready and went over to the Monday morning weekly meeting and managed to survive the rush on the doughnut table. She brought me one home for my coffee. She arrived back home at 9:30 AM.

The girl across from us on the corner has a Malamute Husky. You seldom hear him but when you do it brings back many memories of the North. The Eskimo around Inuvik told us that the tail on a good sled dog is always curled up over their back. Why that would make a good sled dog is a mystery but I'm sure if true this fellow would make a good sled dog.

The girl with the dog lives in Penatang, Ontario, just down the road from Karen and Bob but did not know it until I was talking with her and mentioned she was from the same place. They had actually swapped dog stories before I was talking to her.

Joan and I went out and about and created inflation. Grocery store, hardware store, clothing store and Home Depot. The guy at Home Depot cut us up some treated wood for blocking the trailer. We came home and after draining the tanks blocked up the trailer with the blocking. It should be more stable now and less strain on the trailer jacks. We have the one and only twelve volt hydraulic jack up and clear of the ground. It has been that way since we arrived. So things are better.

We received our first and only piece of mail today. The Post Office simply dumps all the mail for Canyon Vistas Park into a bucket and someone from the campground collects it in the morning and sorts it. One has to have their site number on the address. One can imagine the letters received for Grandma and Grandpa to this Park as the only address. It would be impossible to sort or deliver most of them.

Another beautiful sunny day today with lots of heat in the sun.

Joan took these photographs today:


This one is for you Ron. If you have not made one it will give you an idea.



There are a lot of these little rabbits around and this one posed for Joan.



Wine a lot it is.

pic4  pic5 pic6
pic7  pic8  pic9

These are park model trailers and no motorhomes or regular trailers are permitted in that section of this park.


This is the mountain towards the end of the day. The sun was down and gone less than an hour later.


We were asked to check on arthritis here in Arizona to see if anyone that suffers from it finds relief here. A group were standing around today watching me block up this trailer. I mentioned this to them at that time and Vic said he has it bad in Michigan and at his daughters place in Florida but it simply disappears here in Arizona. So there is truth to what we have been led to believe, that this place is good for those who suffer.

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