The 2011 Trip
Part 29 – Tortilla Flat, Arizona

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

We done did it. We found a road more crooked than the one out to Sambro, Nova Scotia. We went touring as real tourists and visited Tortilla Flat, Arizona. You go up through Apache Junction and the speed limit is 25 MPH all the way. There are a lot of sharp curves and they are sharp, so sharp and next to a rock wall that you cannot see anyone coming until you are right on top of them. The opposite side of the road is straight down and way down at that.

Joan and I did a bit of shopping and we topped up the diesel tank on the truck. We left the RV Park at noon and arrived back at 3 PM. The population of Tortilla Flat is six (6) total. One wonders what is wrong with those six. They had to be born there.

Here are some photographs. This is Christmas Holidays so the kids are not in school and the reason there were so many at the Flats.


This is the road into Tortilla Flat. It is paved like this but has enough curves to break a snakes back.




These are a couple of trails off the road that goes into the Flat.


Bob, Karen and Joan in front of our truck at Tortilla Flat.


Joan likes this photo of the Saguaro Cactus in front of the mountain at Tortilla Flat. They claim the Saguaro have to be one hundred years old before they grow their first limb. They are hollow and quite soft and the needles are very sharp. It is illegal to cut one down around here.


This is down town Tortilla Flat with the restaurant where we had hamburgers, the ice cream shop where we had an ice cream and the gift shop. The little one room school house was a museum. Outside were some pieces of old waggons, a plow, a rake and a small stage coach someone had welded up in steel.


This is another picture of the mountain at Tortilla Flat.


This is a photo Joan took from the open truck window but like all cameras this does not show how deep it is down to the bottom.

pic9  pic10  pic11
This is Canyon Lake from the distance.

This is Joan and I at the Canyon Lake sign from the viewpoint off the road. We did not go down to Canyon Lake but will likely go there before we leave.


And we terminated another good day doing laundry.

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