The 2011 Trip
Part 32 – the last day of 2010

Friday December 31st, 2010

The forecast was to hit freezing last night and I believe it was close although nothing of ours froze. The morning was overcast with heavy cumulus. The sun came out at 2 PM but it remained cold from the wind. The wind was not strong just a good breeze.

Bob, Karen and Joan went to a flea market at 9:20 AM. I'm not sure how I am doing it but I managed to get out of this and this is the second time I have avoided complete boredom. They returned home with their prize possessions at noon claiming they were leaving Bob home next time. Apparently he did not stay interested as long as he should have. After lunch Joan and I walked down to the mail box, dumpster, library and laundry not necessarily in that order. The jig saw puzzle is the same as we left it last evening. Joan withdrew a couple of books from the library.


This is Superstitious Mountain taken through the back window of our trailer at 5:10 PM.


At 7 PM we met at Karen and Bob's and took three vehicles to the Marconi Restaurant off Stapley Road in Gilbert for dinner. This was the same five couples that had Christmas dinner together. We arrived back home at 10:45 PM. It was a great way to see 2010 out and welcome 2011 in.

We have been advised to leave the cold water run slightly and leave our grey water tank open. When we arrived home from dinner our pipe to the trailer was starting to freeze with only a trickle of water still running. We managed to catch it in time and once we opened the water and let it run a minute it freed up. I opened the grey tank valve but it was nice and warm around our pipes that are heated from the furnace. Hopefully that will not happen again. It is a cold night.

That was our last day of 2010.

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