The 2011 Trip
Part 33 Happy New Year

Saturday January 1st, 2011

We got up at 7:30 AM to a nice sunny day and our pipes survived and did not freeze during the night. Apparently 17 units in this park were not so lucky and woke to frozen pipes.

Joan was looking around the Internet before we went to bed and the computer went foolish. Everything was so big we could not do anything with it. The computer was still the same this morning when we got up and Joan played with it a bit and all of a sudden it went back to normal. We have given Natasha Robert's e-mail address so if we loose the computer she can let Robert know so he can put a note on the website here. It was scary and amazing how much we have come to rely on this computer.

Joan and Karen went walking and Bob, Liam the pooch and I went shopping in Bob's car. It is a nice little Chev car he tows behind his motorhome. We were all back and settled into our units by 2 PM.

It was a beautiful sunny clear blue sky day but cool. One would want a jacket on when out and about. After supper we walked a bag of garbage over to the dumpster then stopped into the laundry to see how the jig saw puzzle is coming. A bit more has been completed on it since we last saw it but still lots to do.

In other words another day where we did nothing and did it well.

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