The 2011 Trip
Part 34 – January 2nd

Sunday January 2nd, 2011

Another cold night but nothing froze. We kept the tap dripping all night as instructed. We woke out of propane. One wakes quickly when they have to run out and change the propane bottles in that weather. Whoever claims global warming has a screw loose.

Robert, G4PYR, states 220 unique visitors to this site in December with 9,667 hits. We trust you enjoy it.

A clear sunny morning. Clouding over a bit at noon with high alto cumulus and cirrus and the sun still shining. The sun was still shining when it set but the cloud cover had got a bit thicker.

We were swinging around the bottom of 20-meters around noon and there were only a couple of stations on. This is rather odd. It is Sunday and a winter day. Joan and Karen were out walking at the time so I could make all the noise I wanted with the radio station. We swung around 40-meters this evening and heard little also. One station I did hear was in Virginia so the East Coast was there if the stations had been active.


While Joan was out and about one of the girls growing grapefruit and oranges gave her a couple. They were white and very sweet the nicest grapefruit we have eaten. The orange is on the cupboard but should have “hung in there” on the tree awhile longer. It could have used some more growing but with this cold weather we assume they are concerned with freezing.

After supper we made our nightly run to the garbage dumpster and kept going for a short distance and made a longer walk of it. In other words we had another day doing nothing and doing it well.

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