The 2011 Trip
Part 35 – January 3rd

Monday, January 3rd 2011

We were up and went to the Monday morning meet and greet. This is where they serve doughnuts and coffee and bring one up to date on the weeks happenings. There have been a few more rigs roll in and the meeting is getting larger each Monday.

After that Joan and I were off for Apache Junction. We hit Wal-Mart first and then the barber shop. We haven't seen lineups this big since we were in the navy. The barber shop was full but we managed a good haircut for the same price as back home in Nova Scotia. The haircut was $11.00 and I gave the barber a four dollar tip, the same as back home. They treat you better that way.

From the barber shop we went to the propane outlet and that was even lined up worse than the barber shop. One guy had a big rig there from Oregon so I got to talking to him and showed him a picture of Dick's Josephine. Josephine is the old John Deere tractor Dick and I drove down to Portland, Oregon, and brought back to Calgary. Dick stripped her down to the last nut and bolt and restored her to better than new. This guy was very interested in the tractor. He was ahead of me in the lineup and when I went to the office to pay he met me and said he had paid for me. I simply said yeah sure and have a good trip. And a good laugh was had by all.

Joan went over town with Bob and Karen when we came home and shortly after they left one of the guys from the office brought me the express-post Natasha had mailed us with our mail. When Joan came home we went to mail a bill and parcel to Natasha. The lineups this morning were nothing compared to the post office. They were lined up out into the parking lot. We did not wait and came home then went to the meet and greet session this afternoon for the new comers to the RV park. Free beer, wine and finger food. A great session with a lone guitar player and singer one could hardly hear.

Early in the evening we did our evening run to the garbage dumpster and stopped by to see the jig saw puzzle in the laundry. It is getting there but has a ways to go. Everyone who goes to the laundry has a go at trying to get a piece or two in place.

From there we checked the notices on the main notice board and then came home and called it a day. Another day well spent and spent well.


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