The 2011 Trip
Part 37 – Golf Carts

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Our carrier friend is still with us. At 3 AM this morning it was covering 14,149.3 to 14,152 kilohertz. At 9 AM it was covering 14,149.5 to 14,152.3 kilohertz. That shift in frequency may be my inexpensive receiver. If it is someones microwave here in the park it must be cooking one heck of a steer and at that it must be fairly well burnt by now.

It was a cool night. We let the water drip just to be safe. We had a sunny morning but it clouded over in high cirrus and alto cumulus that left the sun not as bright. It was still a very nice day although we wore a jacket when out and about. By sunset time it was quite a thick overcast, especially to the southwest.

We may have to cut back on these reports because we are finding it hard to record anything of interest. One can only describe taking the garbage to the dumpster so many ways.

We have mentioned the Golf Carts around here and I am fascinated with them. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. There are those with two seats, four seats, six seats and so on. Some are customized to look like old cars, some are fancy and some are plain golf carts. The ones we hauled around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island were called a Can Car. We have seen one but have not managed to get a photo of one yet. This afternoon we went out and about and took a few photographs for this exercise.


This one as you can see is red, pulls a trailer and has a rack for a ladder and what have you. The seat lifts up in them and it is nothing but batteries for their electric motor under the seat. This one is an 1984 built from parts and is 36 volts.




This blue one has fancy seats, wheels and a roof. This one is a 48 volt model and newer than the red one.


This is the green one that I mentioned may be for sale along with the park model home it is sitting beside. It has a nice wood grain dash if you can bring up the photograph to see it.


This one has its winter cover on and the one with the motorhome behind us is red and its cover is also red with lots of windows.


Here we have two parked together as though they were in a hurry to catch the bar before it closed. The far one has a For Sale sign on the windshield. They are asking $3,200.00 for it.


This white one has a nice blanket for a seat cover.

This is the one I really wanted to catch but missed it. If you bring up the photograph you may get a better look at it. It is really customized to look like an old car.

Bob and Karen were away today and Joan went over and looked after Liam the pooch. We took him for a walk down to the mail box and back. He is a nice old dog. Like Tom T. Hall's song “Old Dogs, Little Children and Watermelon Wine” it just does not come any better.

And of course we made our nightly run with the garbage to the dumpster. There were a few people in the laundry so we did not go in and check on the jig saw puzzle. That was our day. We enjoyed it!

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