The 2011 Trip
Part40 – Clean truck

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Another nice sunny morning with a crystal clear sky. The sun came up at 7:42 AM according to our bedroom clock. We had a slight rain as we crawled into bed. Just enough to say it sprinkled a few drops. We could hear it on the trailer roof. The temperature is 38F at 8 AM according to the local radio station. We must get a thermometer to keep outside. The sky remained clear all day and it became nice and warm in the afternoon. We cleaned the truck in our shirt sleeves and sat out and enjoyed the heat afterwards.

This is our pickup at 6 PM. The trailer next to it are our neighbours Paula and Augie. They have a daughter living here in Phoenix so have been here every winter since 2002.

There is a mobile wash unit that goes around and washes the units here for a fee. The motorhome from Colorado that moved in on Vic's site has two dogs and they received the royal treatment from this wash unit this morning. Carpet shampoo, awnings washed and outside wash and wax. They were several hours doing it. But there is nothing like a clean rig. Ours feels so much better since we washed it and the truck could use another wash. It is amazing how easy it is to get them dirty.

Jan and Ron are in Vic's spot. We met them this afternoon including their two dogs. Beautiful dogs they rescued from a pound. Ron is retired army. Jan said the wash and wax cost $800.00 and they did the carpet shampoo in the bedroom for free. She claims they did a wonderful job.

This prompted Joan and I to wash our truck. It looks much better now. Keith and Bonita had given us a package of three tubes of cleaning wipes for vehicles. They did a beautiful job on the interior and windows.

After that we sat out in the sun that was quite hot. I came in at 3 PM to hear President Obama on the radio talking about the shooting down the road one hour in Tucson. They have the 22 year old shooter in custody but he killed several people including a nine year old child. He also wounded a government official who is now out of surgery but in critical condition. It is a shame, but these incidents will be with us forever. Joan had enough of the sun and came in at 3:30 PM. It is hard to believe there is a place with ice and snow on a day like this here.

The trip to the dumpster tonight was very very special. We received a letter from Josie our seven year old granddaughter. So they receive mail here on Saturday's. That is good news. We usually receive nothing in the mail box but another notice on more rules and regulations here at the park.

That was our day and another real good one.

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