The 2011 Trip
Part 41 – a routine Sunday

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Another beautiful sunny day and at 10:20 AM there was just a trace of high cirrus cloud and the contrails of two high flying jets overhead. The contrails lasted for a long time. This of course has some meaning as to the amount of water in the air. The wind was rather cool in the afternoon. We tried sitting out but the breeze was too much for Joan. While sitting out there are always an aircraft, two or three overhead. There was one jet shortly after noon going over with quite a contrail. Two fighter jets came over much lower and they did not leave a contrail. At least I found that interesting. No one else would I know. Most who are wandering around the campground are wearing a jacket.

Joan attended the morning church service in the park's ballroom. It may have done something for me had I gone with her. She enjoyed it very much.

Bob and Karen arrived back from Tucson this morning. It was quite an experience. The news media used the hotel they were staying in for a headquarters from the shooting of the congresswoman. The wedding was actually in the same hotel and they had printed an interview with the bride, Bob's daughter, in the Tucson newspaper. This shooting incident was all around them and much too close for comfort. When they left to come back early this morning the police still had sections blocked off around where the incident had taken place. One never knows for sure.

Two Bad Cats is the name of the computer service centre that does the maintenance on my computers. They are out on the Bedford Highway and John put a copy of Free Cell on this lap top for me. At first I did not care for it but am getting used to it. This is a more fancy version than the old one I had on the computer at home. I find it a form of relaxation to sit here and play it now and then.

After supper we made the trip to the dumpster and then stopped in to see the jig saw puzzle. Two girls were there working on it and it is coming along. This is the one of the lobster wharf still. We checked the mail box and found it empty then came home and watched the movie Mystic River. It was a mystery movie around Boston. We docked at the Mystic Bridge and discharged gypsum ore years ago. Each picture of the bridge in the movie was not the one we docked at. That was our day and another good one.


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