The 2011 Trip
Part 44 – More photographs

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

The sky had a lot of alto cumulus cloud but the sun was able to create a shadow in the morning. Nova Scotia had a Nor' Easter slated for today with 10 to 30 centimetres of snow. About 10 AM the cloud cleared off to a nice hot sunny day here. This afternoon was as hot and nice as the best summer day in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

We went out and about a bit for some more picture taking.



This is Superstitious Mountain from just behind our trailer taken this morning and again at 5:35 PM this evening.



Quite a few of these places keep an awful lot of junk around their place. This is the park model just down the street from us.


This is more junk around a motorhome just across the corner from the park model with all the junk around their place above.
This is Joan standing next to an orange tree.

This is the orange tree.

This is the grapefruit tree.


This is Superstitious Mountain taken just to the right of the grapefruit tree.




This is about as rugged a motorhome as one will see. It is built on a Freightliner truck chassis and has a Jeep to tow and play with. We had seen one of these someplace and we said we had to have a photograph if we ever get near one. This one is parked up near the main gate and it just may be the one we saw someplace else. It is the same colour. One would have to use it steady in order to get their moneys worth out of it. No doubt it would depreciate no worse than the regular motorhome for all we know about it.
Here you go. This is a six seater Club Car and I am sure Chuck would give one the grand tour around the park if they bought a park model from him. He is the lad that sells the park models here.
This is your standard Club Car with a roof. This is the one we hauled around the Maritimes with my 1995 Silverado. We took ten cars to a load. We believe they were identical to this one with the roof and all.
This is the door to the Main Office with the Welcome Home sign above the door. This is your first stop on entering the park in order to fight a paper war.
They canvas for breast cancer in a big way around here and this is their sign just above the door to the main ballroom.
These are a few of the mail boxes. With 637 usable sites one can imagine how many boxes there are. Ours is the second one down on the far right. That is where we received your letter Josie. We are not sure you are able to bring the photo up large enough to read the numbers but ours is 543. We can just make it out when we bring up the photo on file here.

The dog across the street is a Springer Spaniel and his name is Hunter. He is a nice friendly dog. Bill and Donna have two dogs, Hunter and Sam. Sam is a little black wiener dog. They are a Dachshund. At least that is how this computer's spell check spells it.

They had 64 line breaks from frozen lines according to the Monday morning meeting. They had the water turned off for repairs throughout the whole park from 12 noon until one PM today. We simply turned off the park water and went to the trailer water. We still have a good bit in our fresh water tank. That works great at a time like this.

We attended the Managers dinner this evening. An excellent lasagna with lots of cheese. We happened along as they finished one pan so got a larger piece than most. Salad and with a cookie for desert. Fortunately there were no long winded speeches. There were no speeches period. Excellent.

After the dinner the dumpster run and a check on the jig saw puzzle. There is lots left to do with that. Another excellent day we thoroughly enjoyed.

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