The 2011 Trip
Part 45- Buying diesel for the truck

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Another nice sunny day with hardly a cloud in the sky just a couple of little wispy cirrus way up there. The odd high flying jet leaving a contrail way up there with the little clouds.

We killed the morning doing nothing. After lunch we went to Wal-Mart and then purchased some diesel for the truck at a filling station on the way home. What a performance that is and no doubt it will be the same back home by the time we get there. You have to lift a Plexiglas cover place your credit card on the tray below it and close the cover. The clerk is locked in a glass cage with a small hole to talk through. She slides the tray over and takes your card. You tell her how much you want. We said $50.00 and she makes out the slip. Gives you one back through the tray to sign and then gives you your card when you return the signed slip. You then go back to the diesel pump and fill the truck. The truck took the fifty but could have had some more. There is nothing on the bill to indicate the price per gallon or how many gallons one purchased for the fifty dollars. One crazy system.

The afternoon was beautiful. We had the roof vents and door open. We looked at the highway cameras back home now and then just to remind us that it really is January. We had a very productive afternoon. We sat out in the sun and enjoyed every minute of it under the big awning. Although the big awning does little but block the sun in the windows. The sun is at such a low angle it shines right under the awning, but the truck created a nice shadow to sit by.

Just as we reached the dumpster on our evening garbage run after supper, Joan's mother phoned so she talked to her while we walked back to the trailer. There appeared to be quite a few in the laundry so we would not likely have gone in without the phone call.

That was the day and another good one.

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