The 2011 Trip
Part 48 – Red sky at night – Sailor's delight

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

We made it. Bob, Karen, Joan and I all attended church. It is held every Sunday at 10 AM in the ballroom. There were 256 in attendance this morning. Non-denominational with a southern preacher with a terrific sense of humour. The piano and choir was great. Amazing the talent one can collect out of 637 sites. One would require the Fisherman's Service in Sambro to fill the church that full.

The morning was overcast but the sun was able to create a shadow.


The sun was brighter as the day wore on and the sunset was out of this world. We were down the road and ran home to get the camera. We were late and this photo on full magnification is the only one that shows the reds that were there. It is hardly worth putting on here but it should give one an idea.

Jan and Ron were over with their two dogs and helped us soak up some rays sitting out on the patio this afternoon. Another couple stopped for a chat for a few minutes. They claim Joan and I will receive the award for coming from the furthermost distance this year, whatever that is.

Ron is about one month older than me and spent 34 years with the U.S. Army. The dogs came from a dog pound and one looks like Molly, Ramona's retriever except it is just a bit smaller. The other dog is all black and slightly smaller than that one but both are beautiful dogs. They are great for getting one out and about several times each day.

After supper we took the laundry up and that was where we were when we noticed the beautiful sunset. Too bad it set so fast that we did not get a good photo. Oh well, hopefully there will be more. At least the laundry is over for another week.

That was our day and another good one that went fast.


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