The 2011 Trip
Part 53 – Hot Water Heater

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Luckily we had nothing planned today. Just before my morning shower the hot water heater blew its heat. We phoned Apache Junction RV at 9 AM and reported it to them. There is nothing like a cold shower to liven up your day. It is still cool to cold at night. We still have winter blankets and lots of them on the bed. The safety valve blew on the heater and it needed a new anode. We did not realize until this morning that the anode should be replaced every year. We had not read all the detail on the water heater. One should maybe read all the detail on everything else that came with this trailer.

Another morning without a cloud in the sky. The natives must find this weather boring. They do not have any real bad weather in order to appreciate all this good weather. We felt the same way when we visited the islands of the West Indies when going to sea. At least down there they get the odd hurricane to help them appreciate all their good days.

We sat around enjoying the sun all day waiting for the RV serviceman. He was here a few minutes only and replaced the anode that was long overdue and the safety valve. When he went to leave he said do you want it on electric or gas. We told him it was gas only and he put it on electric to show us the difference. How in the heck do these things happen? The trailer will be six years old in May and we were under the impression the hot water heater was gas only. We did not notice the difference because the electric switch is hidden out of the way.

The serviceman is the son of the owners and it is his mother that we have been joking and carrying on with since we arrived here. Great people and great people to do business with. When we asked him how he put up with all this nice weather all the time he said he would have it no different. He said if he wanted snow he would go to the snow and he did not want it coming to him. He said this has been a warm winter and from the way he talked the winter is over. When he left he said we win the award for the most interesting and best trailer he has worked on. That gave us a good feeling after feeling so stupid over the electricity part.

We had a chat with N7LMV/XE2 on 40-meters just before supper in radiotelegraph of course. An interesting chat to say the least with the odd ball call signs in use. He was an American in Mexico and me a Canadian in Arizona. My call sign here is VE1BC/W7 for those who are not familiar with the call sign system.

After supper we walked to the dumpster and around the offices. A beautiful cloudless cold evening. It is impossible to go outside here and not see or hear an aircraft of some description. They range from little ones, to old ones, to large jets and even helicopters. There were several flying around this evening with their beacons flashing and navigational lights that seem so much brighter on clear cold nights.

We have the furnace on this evening it is that cold. That was our day and another enjoyable and interesting one to say the least.

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