The 2011 Trip
Part 56 – Monday – VCS QSL

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Why a propane bottle cannot run out at some other time than 5 AM is beyond me. We have to run outside and switch the bottles. It was around 8C out there at that hour. One wakes up in a hurry but it was better than the – 18C back home in Nova Scotia. Glenn claims it was so cold he saw a Gull towing a Crow trying to get it started. If that crow was as cold as we were it probably did not want to start.

We made the Monday morning meeting. We took our own coffee in our insulated Tim Horton’s coffee mug of course. We survived the rush on the doughnuts but we should leave them alone. They are very sweet. They are closing the gate and locking it between our park and the one next door. This is where Karen and Joan walk and where they get the fruit. There is a big flap on over this but they did not let it take over this meeting. They had another meeting out on the patio at 11 AM for those who wanted to fight over it. It is simply the rich snobs next door wanting to keep we mere mortals off their real estate. There is always someone around to stir it up.

After the meeting Joan and I went to Wal-Mart and then to the propane outlet at Apache Junction. The boys at the propane outlet are good heads but they would not guarantee that this bottle will not run out at 5 AM. We have an automatic system and should use it. When we know one bottle is down we should switch to automatic at night at least. With my luck we would have it on automatic and would not realize it until both bottles were bone dry.

The difference in the food price between here and Nova Scotia is unreal. A jug of milk here is $2.18 and for the same jug back home we have paid as much as $7.05. Why? There is not a blade of grass here to raise a dairy cow on. According to the jug the milk is from Arkansas so it would need more transportation than ours.

Joan spent the afternoon working on her quilt and I spent it reading. After we flushed the tanks. After supper Joan did the laundry so everything around site 543 Canyon Vistas is “tickety boo”. That is two notches above perfect for you who may or may not be interested.

We collected the mail while at the laundry. They are the same building. We received a nice QSL card from Jim, VE1ASR. This is the QSL card for Canadian Coast Guard Radio Halifax/VCS. This is the modern version of the station we operated for twenty years. So if you collect these cards, tune them in and send in a report for your very own copy.

That was the day and another good one.

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