The 2011 Trip
Part 57 – Another day

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Today was very nice but we did so little it is hard to find something to mention here. We went to the Internet people in Apache Junction this morning and paid the monthly bill in order to use this computer. We then came back to Bashas' grocery here in Gold Canyon for a few things and then home to the trailer. Joan spent the afternoon either sitting in the sun reading or working on her quilt. We simply sat in the sun and read or played around with this computer. The temperature in the trailer this afternoon was 78F with the door and roof vents open.

Around supper time the sky was overcast but when we did our dumpster run one could see the stars brightly. There are so many aircraft flying around here we will leave with a permanent kink in our neck I am sure. The locals pay no attention to them but I try and watch each one. We do the dumpster runs simply for the exercise. The RV park picks up the trash every day and we get billed for it.

A trailer identical to Glenn and Vicki's pulled into site 083 today. It reminds one of home if nothing else. That was our day and we enjoyed it.

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