The 2011 Trip
Part 58 Some more photographs around the RV Park

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011


By special request here is a photo of the dumpsters. You place your garbage in the blue ones. The green and yellow ones are for pasteboard and old newspapers. That is the only sorting they tolerate so someone must have a deal on old pasteboard and old newspapers. The main buildings are to the left with the laundry, mail boxes, and so on. There are photographs of the laundry in part 31. A photograph of a few of the mail boxes are in part 44.

It was another nice day as one can see in the photo. We took those pictures in a short sleeve shirt only. The wind came up quite strong in the morning but died out around noon. We went out and about after lunch and took a few photographs for you. We did not get one of the swimming pool because there were people in both the pool and hot tub. We will try and get the wood carving room sometime when Bob is doing his carving. The computer room was locked. The woodwork shop was also busy and there are a few other rooms and so on that we will try and capture with a photograph as time goes by.




Here are two photographs of the library and as you can see there is a jig saw puzzle underway there as well as the one in the laundry.
This is the exercise room and lots of room for those so inclined. We have seen few use it.
This is the billiards room.
This is the quilting room with two examples hanging on the walls. The one on the left is the Jelly Roll Quilt the girls are now making. Nothing much else will happen around here until that project is over. Josie will appreciate it we are sure. Joan and Karen spent this evening working on their quilts in that room.

Some of the old boys have these remote control model race cars and have themselves a ball racing each other around this paved track.

Note the orange trees the other side of this fence. Those on the other side of the fence grow a lot of fruit but now that the gate is closed we will see little of it. Apparently those on this side of the fence are not allowed to grow anything but cactus. Those who have requested permission to grow fruit were unable to obtain permission.

Joan spent most of the day sewing on her quilt. Her grandmother had given her a portable sewing machine fifty years ago. We took the serial number and checked it out on the Internet. It was built in 1957 and is one tough little machine.

The sun set at 6:15 PM. It was a pretty sunset like all sunsets out here but there were no clouds so it was not outstanding. At least our camera would not make it worthwhile.

With the trip to the dumpster that was the day and another good one. At least we enjoyed it.

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