The 2011 Trip
Part 59 – Another routine day – listening to a radio contest

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Bob and I departed the park at 8:45 AM just after Joan and Karen went to quilting class. We went to Campers World and Home Depot over in a section of Phoenix. Everything imaginable in both of these stores but we created little inflation. We were back at 10:25 AM.

Another nice sunny day without a cloud in the sky. It had been quite windy last night but we found no damage or evidence of all that wind this morning. The high flying jet aircraft today did not leave a contrail so it must have been dry all the way up to the top.

Joan spent most of the day working on her quilt. The quilting course will be over next Thursday. When Joan was not working on the quilt she spent some time sitting out in the sun with me.

We wandered around the park with the camera for awhile but did not see anything to photograph. They have a section of nice green grass here. It appears to be sod laid over the gravel and was freshly cut. It smelled like new mown hay and made one think of haying back home in July. We met a humming bird on our walk but we were not swift enough to get his portrait.

We sent several vicious CQ's on 14023 between 1900 and 2000 UTC but received no takers and did not work anyone. We cut back to 18 words per minute but still no one.

We spent a couple of hours listening around 14025 later this afternoon. It brought back many memories listening to the Morse. There was some kind of contest on and all we heard were the many stations sending their call signs. N7UN had quite a chirp to him that reminded me of the last time we worked the CUNARD PRINCESS years ago. She not only had quite a chirp but her call sign was GUNN. We heard the call sign of the station these stations were trying to work the once only and did not quite grasp it. We believe it may have had a VP7 prefix and your guess is as good as mine as to what it was.

The sunset was your basic Arizona sunset. Very nice but not outstanding and our camera would never do it justice.

We did the dumpster run this evening and that was the day. Another real good one

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