The 2011 Trip
Part 60 – Photographs of Coyote Country – Swimming Pool

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Joan went early for her morning walk and took the camera with hopes of a photograph of the swimming pool and hot tub. It was a cold night for here. Everyone was wandering about with a hoodie jacket on and the hood up but there were folks in the pool at 8 AM. What the heck they were trying to prove is beyond us. They may be the loyal members of the Arizona Polar Bear Club. Actually the pool is heated to 88F at all times. The sign claims they clean the pool between 7 and 8 AM.

pic1   pic2  pic3

pic4  pic5

Joan did take these five photographs of Coyote Country on this walk. These are photographs of what it looks like just outside this park and where we hear coyotes howling quite often. If your trailer is parked on the outside edge of the park this is what it overlooks. The last photograph is looking up towards the gate at the entrance to this park.

The black spot in the upper left of the first photograph is a bird of some description. It may be a Grackle. There are plenty of them around the park making their funny grackle call.


Another hot sunny cloudless day with no wind. Joan and I left about 10:30 AM and went to the Post Office and mailed Josie's Valentines Day card and a little parcel for her. From there we went to Home Depot in Mesa and bought what appears to be the clear thing to block the sun shining through the window in the trailer door. We then went to Wal-Mart in Apache Junction and picked up a few things. Then we went to the Village Inn for lunch and spent some time there just killing time. They advertise the best home made pies in Arizona and we believe they are right. The pies were not the only thing that were good. Everything was great including the coffee.

We then walked over to Ace Hardware and picked up their last package of door catches that fit this trailer. We got some grommets for the trailer door curtain and hooks to hang it on. Ace had a good sale on furnace filters for this trailer so we bought some. We did not get home until around 3 PM so we missed the sked on 20-meters. We changed the filter in the furnace again. It is quite dusty here so does not hurt to keep our warm air clean although the last filter had not been in use the recommended 90 days.

We spent the rest of the afternoon before supper sitting out on the cement patio soaking up the rays from the sun. After supper Joan made another panel for her quilt. We then did the evening dumpster run. The sunset was nice but typical Arizona and the camera would not do it justice.

We took the camera along on the dumpster run and managed these photographs of the swimming pool. They were taken at 8 PM after dark but seem to be okay.

This is the hot tub at one end of the pool.


This is the swimming pool. The hot tub is at the far right corner. Note there is no diving board. Once you reach this age you leave that for those much younger.



Only grand parents can appreciate a drawing like this. This was found in Josie's school back pack. She has been spending some time thinking about camping for sure. This is this trailer. That is Josie asleep on the futon in the back of the trailer. She has the fifth wheel hitch at the front on the left and under it is the picnic table we keep under the hitch. That is to keep the kids from running into the hitch. If they hit the hitch with their head while running it would do serious damage. It looks like she wants us home for some summer camping. We should make it if all goes well shortly after school closes for the summer.

That was our day and another good one.

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