The 2011 Trip
Part 63 – 12 Countries checked this site in January - Wamback

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Robert has advised that people from the following countries have checked this site during January.

ca Canada
us United States
tv Tuvalu
de Germany
ru Russian Federation
nl Netherlands
ua Ukraine
uk United Kingdom
it Italy
ph Philippines
lt Lithuania
nz New Zealand

We trust they found something of interest.

We had a slight rain shower around 2:30 AM. The sunrise this morning was another typical Arizona sunrise but there was a bank of cloud around. It was more or less overcast by 9 AM with something that looked like an elevated fog bank. It looked like those over in Phoenix were getting a rain shower at that time. We received a slight shower at 10:10 AM but by 10:50 AM the sun was creating a shadow. The shower simply wet the ground and put a few sprinkles on the trailer windows.

Joan and Karen went to the Monday morning meeting with the rush on the doughnuts. They spend a lot of time trying to sell one a park model home and insurance. We did not feel like listening to that so did not go. The meeting was so short they were home by 9:30 AM. One probably should have gone for one that short.


Joan's built from scratch lemon pie from the lemons grown here in the park. It was one fantastic pie. Eat your heart out Betty Crocker.



This is the park garbage truck and with only the one wamback today. On days like that it goes around one way and then comes back with the wamback on the other side. A wamback, in case you have forgotten, is the one who rides on the back of a garbage truck and yells “wamback” when it is backing.


20-meters appeared very dead at sked time and we received no reply from anyone.

After lunch and sked time we took Joan's sewing machine over to Mesa for servicing. An Irishman owns the place. Actually he owns four of them and what a place it is. You name it in the line of material and sewing machines and it has to be there. They do a lot of sewing in this area and run a lot of courses on it. The parking lot was full and they just kept coming and going. One very busy spot.

On the way back we could see a large dark cumulus cloud providing lots of rain just east of the RV park. We tried to sit out in the sun when we arrived back at the trailer but the breeze was too cold. We put the lawn chairs back under the trailer and came inside. About 3:20 PM the cloud had circled around and came over the trailer. It was a good shower that simply wet the ground and carried on away from the park. The sun was out and bright again at 3:50 PM. Crazy weather for sure.

Much of the cloud cover had dissipated at sunset and the sunset was not nearly as pretty as we expected. It was simply a routine sunset.

We made the evening dumpster run and then went to the library for a few minutes. There is about 9/10ths cloud cover and it appears fairly high. A couple of aircraft appeared to be up around four or five thousand feet and the cloud cover was above them. A dark evening and the aircraft were quite bright all alone up there.

Another good day is over and gone.

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