The 2011 Trip
Part 64 – More statistics – The tow truck

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

A nice sunrise with some alto cumulus cloud around. The sun shone for awhile but hid behind the clouds on occasion. By noon the clouds had dissipated but the breeze was quite cool. It continued sunny but cool all day.

Joan was up and worked in the sewing room in the morning. We then had lunch at the RV park lunch room. We came back to the trailer a half hour late for the radio sked but we called CQ for five minutes. We quit when ZF2NT called CQ and worked a W2 next to us. He did not answer me when we called him. ZF2NT is G3SWH on the Cayman Islands. We have been by the Cayman Islands many times. We had a female immature Gannet come on board for a rest one trip. When rested she flew off over Old Isaac's Lighthouse, Cayman Islands. We have a photo of her in storage with the rest of our photographs.

Robert came up with more statistics for the month of January as follow:

189 unique visitors
10,529 hits
18 visitors a day on average
482 views of the front page for our 2011 trip.

We hope they enjoyed their visit.


One cannot help but feel sorry for these folks:


pic1  pic2  pic3

pic4  pic5  pic6

They were leaving for Yuma, Arizona, first thing this morning and their motorhome simply refused to start. It would do nothing. The Cummins diesel engine is on warranty and they phoned the Good Sam Emergency Service. For some unknown reason a Cummins pickup with a technician did not show up but this tow truck did. It was quite a performance. They had to move the truck ahead because the back of the motorhome was going to drag when loading. They took the back mud flap off the motorhome and put it in the motorhome. We have never known a Cummins diesel to act that way but like everything else man made it was not perfect. The back tire on the trailer certainly showed the weight when moving the wheels back on the trailer. It was a real interesting performance and we all gave the crew a big hand on completion. Apparently Cummins and the Good Sam Club are picking up the bill. We certainly hope so.

We sat out for a short time this afternoon but it was a bit cool. The sunset was another routine Arizona sunset. There were a few cumulus clouds around at sunset. The RV park wants us to leave a tap dripping all night. It is suppose to dip below freezing. The wind was fairly strong at sunset. One could hear the tab on the large awning pull down slap against the side of the trailer.

It was still quite windy on our evening dumpster voyage. We cannot see it freezing if the wind stays that strong. The night was nearly clear and the stars were in competition with the aircraft.

That was the day and another enjoyable one.

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