The 2011 Trip
Part 65 – Calgary was warmer

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Another beautiful morning with not a cloud in the sky but it was bitter cold. Calgary was warmer than we were. Calgary was +3 this morning and we were +2. We just caught our water in time. It was just a trickle until we opened the tap wide and let it run a bit. We went out and opened the grey tank and put the propane back on the nearly empty tank at 10 AM. The wind was cold. My knuckles crack and bleed and my nose runs down here as it does back home this time of year. At least tonight we will have the grey tank open and leave a tap drip.

Nova Scotia was having another heavy snow storm today. We can imagine it was pretty when over. The snow covers the garbage and makes everything look so clean and neat.

Robert sent a couple of photographs this morning and it is dull in Peterborough, England. Winter; we all have to put up with it one way or another.

This country must have been very beautiful when there was nothing but Apache Indians and rattle snakes. Now it is covered in pavement and campgrounds called RV parks. There are so many of these parks around here no one could count them. The parking lots are full of out of state vehicles. We have seen the one only from Nova Scotia and have yet to see one from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland. The rest of Canada is well represented.

This place survives on tourists. There is always a police vehicle on the road with someone pulled over. We are warned at most meetings about this. We have not been stopped yet but we drive 2 MPH below the speed limit and try our best to obey all the signs. One has to be very sharp and careful to the point it takes two to drive. One to simply keep track of all the signs and the driver to watch all the traffic. Apparently the minimum fine is $500.00. One of the park officials stated at a recent meeting that he had attended a casino and then had to give back all his winnings in traffic fines on the way home. He did not quote the amount.

A GPS is a big help simply because it gives one the current speed limit. They are quite skimpy and tricky with their speed signs.

Florida does not have all those from Quebec. One was at the Apache Junction RV Store the last time we visited it in a Class C motorhome. He had something in large letters across the front of this unit you could read five miles away. He had his front licence plate replaced with a white one with nothing but one large fleur de lis on it in Quebec blue.

There were quite a few from Quebec in a park in Texas that wanted only French in the swimming pool on Tuesdays. The owner agreed but there was to be no French in the pool any other day. Oh no, that was not agreeable and one has to hand it to the owner for thinking up that answer so fast.

The Jeep with “Lets Rock” for the front plate that we mention in part 46 has a Quebec plate on the back. We feel Quebec has both a front and back plate but apparently not. So much for Quebec – enough.

We did not work anyone at sked time on 14023. We called CQ a couple of times but no takers. We normally keep 14023 on when in the trailer and pay special attention between 1900 and 2000 UTC. If you like, give us a call anytime. You never know you may have the pleasure of a contact with me.

We were over to the Gold Canyon grocery and created a bit of inflation this afternoon. It was bitter cold and we were unable to sit out in the sun. It was shining brightly and here in the trailer it was quite warm. The wind was what was so cold. There was not a cloud in the sky most of the day. The sunset was pretty but your routine Arizona sunset and unfortunately our camera will not reproduce it as seen. It was still quite windy when the sun set and was suppose to be quite cold tonight. The temperature is way below average according to the Tucson radio station we keep on here in the trailer most of the time. We listen to the Tucson station because it plays the best music we can find on the bands.

After supper Joan, Karen, Bob and I went to the Village Inn in Apache Junction. They advertise the best pies in Arizona and we are certain they are right. On Wednesday if one buys a coffee, tea, milk, chocolate milk or any drink they give one a piece of pie free. One guy ordered a beer and piece of pie. The total bill for the four of us was just over ten dollars. It was a great way to kill a couple of hours on a cold evening.

We trust one and all had a most enjoyable Ground Hog Day. We are convinced that Shubenacadie Sam, back home in Nova Scotia, did not venture out. His door was probably blocked with snow.

It was a clear cold night with lots of stars. We dropped the garbage off on the way to Apache Junction so did not walk to the dumpster this evening. It was too cold to walk.

That was another enjoyable but cold day with Spud, Joan and the Horse Trailer.

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