The 2011 Trip
Part 66 – Stupid we R! - An early spring

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

We are so stupid it is a wonder we do not walk backwards. We managed to set the propane system to both tanks and then forgot to open the full tank. Right at 5 AM at +2C we are outside correcting our stupidity. We have no idea why a propane tank has to run out at 5 AM.

It was quite windy when we went to bed but a nice clear cold morning at 5 AM. A beautiful cloudless day. The temperature this morning at +2C was the same as Peterborough, England. It is nice to know there are others in the same boat. It remained cold – bitter cold all day. At 3 PM it was +7C or 45F. The sunset was another routine sunset for Arizona. Too bad our camera would not reproduce them for this project.

Well, we be darned. In case you have not heard we are in for an early spring. All three ground hogs predicted it yesterday. It is on the front page of the Halifax Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia's largest newspaper. Nova Scotia's Shubenacadie Sam, Wiarton Willie in Wiarton Ontario, and Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania all made the same prediction. Shubie Sam was aroused from his bed with a bagpiper and a town crier. Who could sleep through that racket? He ran around his pen several times and greeted the multitude that gathered to see him perform. He did not see his shadow. Well done to them all. We should have more useless celebrations like that.

Today is the last day for quilting class. That is until they come up with an excuse for another. Joan spent the morning quilting at the sewing room. She was told her sewing machine would be ready today but when she phoned she learned the technician had not started to work on it. Sounds like it could be some time before she gets it back.

XE1RK near Mexico City was having a ball working the mob an hour before sked time at 1900 UTC right on 14023. He has a beautiful fist. One you could copy all day and not tire of it. He kept going right through 1900 UTC so we did not bother him. All was quiet at 1920 UTC so we called CQ a couple of times until some nut came on playing with his key. We said to heck with it and gave up.

After lunch we went to the propane boys and got a refill. They lowered their price to $28.05 per 30 lb tank. The price was $28.85 and they lowered it this morning. It is over thirty dollars back home if my memory serves me correctly. They claim this one will run out an hour later at 6 AM. It will be in the middle of the night that is for sure.

We spent the afternoon reading. We did the dumpster run with the truck when we went for propane. It is too cold to walk up there. After supper we watched a movie. Joan picked up a few Hallmark movies on sale that we enjoy. It was +6C on completion of the movie and time to call it a day. Another good one was over.

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