The 2011 Trip
Part 67 – Unusually cold

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Another clear day without a cloud in the sky. The temperature when we got up around 7:30 AM was -3C. We had the tap dripping all night. The temperature at noon was +6C or 43F and high flying aircraft were leaving contrails. Some wispy high cirrus cloud showed up as the day progressed but nothing to interfere with the bright sunshine. The clouds had dissipated by sunset with another routine Arizona sunset. The temperature at sunset was +13C or 53F.

Quite a few here at the park have no warm clothes and claim this is unusual. “We had shorts on all last winter” is the favourite topic around here. We have worn ours once only.

We were out of water again so went to Wal-Mart and created some inflation. There is nothing wrong with the park water except Joan claims it tastes like plastic. We get three gallons at Wal-Mart for 81 cents so why not use it.

We were back during sked time but heard nothing. Actually we left the radio on while we were at Wal-Mart so it was on when we walked in the door. There was another contest of some description on. They were taking up all the space from 14023 to 14028. We found it interesting but have no idea who they were trying to contact. It was one proverbial mess actually. One assumes it was a contest. Everyone simply sent their call sign on top of each other. One kept transmitting LID. We know what it means but why it was transmitted we have no idea. Another kept transmitting UP and we have no idea why. We listened quite often all afternoon and not once did we hear or learn the call sign of the station that was being called. We actually went up and down the band to see if we could hear the other end.

We spent the afternoon reading. We picked up a magazine on Phoenix at Wal-Mart listing all the activity around the area for the month. The cost of the tickets to attend some of the shows is quite interesting.

We spent the evening watching another enjoyable movie. We have a number of them with us. We did not go to the dumpster this evening. When the movie finished it was time to call it a day. The temperature was +9C or 48F. It is forecasted to go down to +3C and we will leave the tap drip just to be on the safe side.

That was the day and we find it rather amazing we can find this much to record. It is more amazing when we learn there are those who read and claim they look forward to it.

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