The 2011 Trip
Part 69 – Final note on the tow in part 64 - FOC

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

We had to put the full propane bottle on at 7 AM this morning. We had been using a lot of propane but did not realize it was that much. The temperature was +2C or 36F at 7 AM. At noon the temperature was +9C or 48F with alto cumulus cloud cover. The cloud cover was not sufficiently thick to block the sun.

Joan, Karen and I went to church this morning. Rev. Bob is not hard to listen to at all. He wanted to know if any of us had seen any ugly babies first thing this morning. He said he sure has. That either warmed us up or loosened us up – we are not sure which. If we could play piano like the girl who plays in these services, one would be able to speak to us by appointment only. She is one of these people that can read music but does not let it interfere with her playing. There were 260 of us at the service this morning.

The high speed radio operator contest was still going strong around 14023 kilohertz today so we did not interfere with them. We kept tuned most of the day in case an oldie but goodie showed up.

Robert tells me FOC is the First class CW operators Club. He gave me their web site on the Internet. We had heard about this club and had we realized this is what it was we would have paid closer attention. From what we heard we felt it just a bunch going as fast as they could. We heard a lot of requests for repeats. We will keep an ear on it in future.

We feel sorry for those of you who are so bored you have nothing better to do but follow these daily reports. As mentioned before, we intend to simply keep these reports with the other 13 notebooks we have kept on our experiences in these trailers.

We have received it on good authority that a few of you at least want these continued to our escapades at the Family Campground at Evangeline Beach, Nova Scotia.

For those of you who are in this boring category we would like to add a final note to our part 64 – the tow job. Remember that? Well, all that was wrong with that motorhome was a dead starting battery. Ron has the same outfit and claims he has jump started his with no trouble. Good Sam Emergency Service is what ordered and sent the tow truck. The folks that own that motorhome were able to stay in it that night and were on the road the next day for Yuma, Arizona, with a new battery.

The temperature was 21C or 70F at 7 PM tonight. We sat out for a couple hours on the patio soaking up the rays this afternoon. It was a beautiful afternoon to sit out in the sun. The sun was just right and there was a nice cool breeze to go with it. Perfect!

Joan made one fantastic roasted chicken dinner for supper tonight. It is amazing what she can create in the little kitchen there is in this trailer.


pic1  pic2  pic3
pic4  pic5


These are five photographs of tonight’s routine Arizona sunset. All five were taken within a few minutes around the trailer. Including the one photograph of Superstitious Mountain taken at the same time as the others.

Joan and Karen did laundry tonight. We did the dumpster run with the truck and laundry. We worked on another jig saw puzzle in the laundry and that was our day. Another good one!

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