The 2011 Trip
Part 7 Florida

We no longer remember the last time we were warm. This is just plain unreal. Joan has cancelled the run to southern Florida. We left Townsend, Georgia, at 0904 this morning and pulled into Kingsland, Georgia, for diesel at 0959. A Canadian credit card would not operate the diesel pump so the girl started it for me and I was able to fill it to the exact same level as the last time. Therefore, I have the figures for Joe. But why pick on Joe? Here are the figures and you all have fun in working it out. What we want is the miles per gallon in imperial gallons so we understand what the old girl is doing.

We filled her at St. George, South Carolina, and then drove 313 kilometres to Kingsland, Georgia. We burned 21.675 U.S. Gallons at $3.159 per gallon. The cost of the diesel was $68.47. In other words we are burning about $70.00 of diesel per day.

Today was a nice sunny day. The temperature was 33F and flashing Ice when we left and it was cold. A bit windy and the wind cut right through one. The temperature reached 56F when we pulled in here. We are at site 86 in the Orange Grove Campground, Kissimmee, Florida. This has to be the oldest campground we have been in. One has to back in on each site and the layout is for a 1946 trailer we are sure. The sewer is so far back one will have to cart things back with a bucket. The first water outlet we tried to use the water flew straight up through the faucet handle. It needs a bit of work to say the least but it is 3 miles from the Epcot Centre we hope to visit tomorrow. They used to charge for this computer connection here but recently cancelled this charge. The two nights at this campground is $91.53 and the most expensive so far.

It was a good run down old 95 and was mostly four lane, two lanes each side at the beginning with little traffic. It increased around Jacksonville of course. We hauled a lot of ore into Jax as we called it. One could write a book on those experiences. There is a sign on 95 calling it Jax as well so we were not the only ones to abbreviate the name. We called New Orleans NOLA for New Orleans, Louisiana. One wonders if others do the same.

We turned on to Interstate 4 and came into Orlando. The road and traffic really increased as we came closer to Orlando. We became hopelessly lost and wandered around for a good part of the afternoon. We spent over $50.00 with German to upgrade our GPS before leaving Nova Scotia. It has not worked since and German is due for a Spud special letter. We will see if we can find a new GPS around here because everyone uses them to the point we believe the road signage is along the same line of thinking.

Did anyone figure out what our friend was that camped on our tire at Townsend? We felt it was something trying to imitate a Yukon mosquito although a Yukon mosquito only seems that size when you have been bitten by one. The thing reminded me of the large grasshopper Bob and I caught in Alabama back in 1965. The photo Bob took of me holding that grasshopper is still around someplace.

A friend in Nova Scotia wanted to know if there was a nuclear plant near where that large, whatever it was lived. The folks down here sure grow their critters big.

Natasha sent some photos of the high tide around their home. The water was up around the shed behind the truck in the photo of Joan and I in front of the truck on here. The shed is not in this photo but you who know the place know there is a shed there. The bays, rivers and so on seemed to be higher than they should be around here coming down today.

We have not been on amateur radio and really have not had the time. Joan has cancelled going any farther south as stated. She is anxious to get to Arizona and some of the warm weather they are experiencing out there. So this is it for today. We logged 436 kilometers.

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