The 2011 Trip
Part 70 – A routine Monday at the RV Park

Monday, February 7th, 2011

The temperature was 5C or 41F at 8 AM. We forgot to check it when we got up. This Internet service provides a brief weather description along the heading strip across the top of the page when you first bring it up. This is for the city of Apache Junction and Gold Canyon borders Apache Junction. This is what we use and is good enough for our use. The thermometer we bought for outside the trailer kept blowing off the bicycle rack on the back of the trailer.

Joan went to the Monday morning meeting. She said there were not as many there as there used to be. They closed the doughnut shop at 8:55 AM or five minutes before meeting time. The meeting was short and she was home by 9:30 AM. They had various motor vehicle license plates flashing on the projection screen from various places. She said she did not see ours but felt it was there. This is the only Nova Scotia plate that we know of around here and with the BLUENOSE it is eye catching. With my radio call sign on the plate we have to wear both a front and back plate. Too bad the trailer plate is not the same instead of the black on yellow. A friend hated the colour of his trailer plate with a proverbial passion and wore it under his truck seat for the longest while. At least the Nova Scotia plates are much easier to read than so many of the others. It is near impossible to tell where some of them are from standing next to them.

The meeting produced one piece of information: there are now 638 sites in this RV park. They opened up another site someplace.

This was another cloudless and therefore nice sunny morning. We went to Wal-Mart for more water and created a bit of inflation this morning. We bought another bottle of propane and the guys selling this claim this one will run out at noon. Hope they are right. We were home by noon when it was 16C or 61F. At 2 PM it was 19C or 66F and the perfect afternoon for sitting out. There was not a cloud in the sky. The high flying aircraft were leaving very short contrails.

We had 14023 kilohertz tuned in most of the day. We sent a couple of fairly long CQ's. One at 25 WPM and the other at 18 WPM at 1905 and 1908 UTC but did not hear anyone. We heard no one until 2130 UTC when W1OBJ came on using fast clear code. He was working someone. We did not work him. Simply typing FOC in Google will get one the First class radio Operators Club website or you can click here http://g4foc.org/ if interested.

Joan sat out most of the afternoon but slept a good portion of it. It will not hurt her that is for sure. She and Karen then went to the pool for a couple of hours.

The temperature at 5:15 PM was 22C or 72F with a clear sky. The high flying aircraft were still leaving a very short contrail. Everyone around us keeps stating this is the coldest winter on record. Yes, we picked a good one. The luck of the draw!

After supper we walked to the dumpster during sunset. The sunset was the same as last evening. We looked into our empty mailbox and then walked around the outside edge of the park listening to the coyotes. We were hoping to see one but there is little chance of that.

When we returned to the trailer we watched another movie. The day ended with the movie and the temperature then was 18C or 64F. And another good day is history.

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