The 2011 Trip
Part 71 – Windy but where is it!

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

The temperature this morning was 8C or 46F. They must wear out a pile of thermometers around here. At least they put a lot of mileage on them when they go up over 20 during the day and down around zero at night. That is as ridiculous as the guy who won first prize at the liars club years ago. He claimed his grandfather clock was so old it had a quarter inch grove on the face from the shadow of the pendulum swinging back and forth.

This was another cloudless day. The temperature at noon was 18C or 64F without a cloud in the sky and the high flying aircraft were leaving short contrails like yesterday. We sat out enjoying the sun most of the morning. Bob and Liam the pouch were over and spent some time with us.

Joan and Karen dragged their sewing machines up to the sewing room and spent the morning doing the thing they enjoy most: sewing.

After dinner we went to the local grocery at Gold Canyon. There we met Hans, K0HB, in the parking lot. He is in this same RV park. It could get interesting.

We brought down the HF antenna. The wind picked up and is suppose to blow hard tonight so best it is down. There was hardly any wind at the end of the day.

Joan and Karen were in the pool this afternoon and to heck with the wind.

It was 21C or 70F at 3 PM and still that temperature when the sun set. It was another routine sunset. It was a bit hazy over around the mountain and about 4 PM a few small cumulus clouds formed to the east of us. They dissipated as fast as they formed. They have weird weather around here.

We walked over to the dumpster after supper and checked our empty mailbox. We then watched another movie. At least we are getting the movies watched that we brought. They are very good movies and we are enjoying them very much. The day ended with the movie and the temperature was 18C or 64F. Another day is history!

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