The 2011 Trip
Part 75 – Para-sailing

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

4C or 39F at 8 AM this morning to another cloudless day. 5C or 41F at 10 AM and was creeping up. At 12 noon it was 16C or 61F and a great day with everyone sitting out swapping lies. By 1:30 PM it was 23C or 73F a beautiful day for sitting out but one needed some shade. We had the trailer roof vents and windows open. At 3 PM it was 25C or 77F and the thermometer here in the trailer reads 84F with all the windows and vents open. At 6 PM it was 27C or 81F so the forecast was pretty well right on. They said it would be 82F.

A couple of stations started a QSO on 14023 at noon and some other station kept transmitting UP until they moved with an SRI for sorry. It looks like someone or something feels they own this frequency. That was about all that was on most of the afternoon was the one station transmitting UP with the occasional station transmitting nothing but their call sign. Another station kept transmitting LID or UR LID a lot. Apparently 14023 is one of the popular frequencies for working distance – DX. Another station kept transmitting FAKE. Listening to it is interesting if nothing else but we have no desire to try and operate with anything we heard.

Joan and I went down to Wal-Mart in Apache Junction this morning and created a little more inflation. When we came out a couple were there with their trailer and were admiring Red Roscoe as Josie named our one ton dually. They make their home here in Arizona now but were from Wisconsin. They go north every summer to get clear of the heat. When we mentioned that they should know something about dairy cattle coming from Wisconsin the conversation became very interesting. They told us where we could see a dairy farm here, just down the road, that milks 2,000 head of cattle. Good grief! They claim the only one that makes any money with dairy cattle today in Nova Scotia are the vets. Apparently a vet has to visit the herd once a week or something like that now in Nova Scotia. If this herd were in Nova Scotia they would have to have a staff of vets on 24/7. The grocery store across the street today was selling a gallon of milk for $1.59. Just compare that price with Nova Scotia.

Bob, Karen and Liam the pouch were over for a visit and sat out with us to help kill the afternoon.

On the weekends we have a few flying about in a parachute with something that looks and sounds like a souped up lawn mower hanging from it. They call the rig a para-sail. One or two were about this evening and Joan managed a photo of one of them the red effect is from the setting sun shining on it. They do not come right over the park, probably for fear they would land on someones barbeque. They are a fascinating contraption if nothing else.

We are getting addicted to these evening movies but any more like this one and we will soon loose interest. This was by far the most stupid movie we have seen. Mr. & Mrs. Smith, one of these modern movies with lots of shooting and everything blowing up including the vehicles in a car chase. Joan had recorded it off Global TV some time ago. She no longer remembers when.

Our day ended with the movie and the temperature was 18C or 64F.

That was the day and now it is history.

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