The 2011 Trip
Part 76 – Sunday's sunset with photographs

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

The temperature this morning was 5C or 41F and another cloudless day. By 11:15 AM the temperature was 16C or 61F with some high alto cumulus and cirrus cloud. This cloud built up a bit but there was nothing that was affecting the amount of sunshine we received. The high flying aircraft were leaving a very long contrail. At 3:15 PM it was 25C or 77F and 86F here in the trailer with all vents, windows and door open.

Joan and I went to church this morning. This is one of the better church services we have attended. The music is unreal. We could listen to that all day. The pianist is looking around the room and hardly looks at her music it seems. One would have to see and hear it to believe it. There must have been 300 of us there this morning. When Rev. Bob asked for the number he was told 283. Rev. Bob said you had better keep counting because six more just walked in.

My knee is quite sore today. I damaged it years ago when I hit the brakes on a car I should not have been driving. I could not get the seat back where I had any leg room. Actually I do not have any room driving any vehicle. My legs are too long. Yesterday we stopped too quickly for a red light and that is what has given me the trouble today. Oh well, we have to live with it so we drive as little as possible. Either that or quit using the brakes.

Two low flying fighter jets went over around 11:40 AM. We see them now and then and usually on the weekends. Probably a couple of young fellows in the National Guard out for a practice flight. Some of the old piston aircraft were flying around as well.

There are quite a few veterans here in the park. Bill across the street was telling me he was in the 101st Airborne in Vietnam. A number of them wear a ball type cap with their old outfit on the front. One we were talking to was a former Navy weatherman. He had been on a nuclear aircraft carrier so did not see much. They were forever at sea with few places to dock. Nuclear aircraft carriers are not allowed in some of the places they were capable of docking.

There are a lot of birds around the park. Mostly Grackles and Morning Doves. We are getting used to their calls. Some of them seem to have a lot on their minds that they want to share with anything in hearing distance.

14023 kilohertz was on while we were around but there was little to listen to. That is rather strange for a winter Sunday. During the afternoon we took a quick swing around the band. It is conditions. We heard a couple of stations in Texas and they were complaining of fading and that the band was just out. So that was the reason no one was heard. Around 4:30 PM K7FU up in Oregon, the rain and a 40F temperature had a chat with KQ0A. We could hear K7FU real good but could not hear KQ0A at all.

Joan went in swimming this afternoon but did not last long. The pool was full. This is Sunday and a lot of grand children were in the pool. I walked up with her and did the dumpster run and then sat and watched them in the pool. We came home and simply sat out in the sun. Joan was listening to our CD of the music from Sambro. I did not hear it but it no doubt helped cool one down.

Bob and Karen are busy getting ready to go to Las Vegas. They are going with some of his relatives. They leave in the morning and do not return until Thursday so we have seen little of them today.

Well I did it. My old red plaid shirt is in the dumpster. It was just getting so worn out it was no longer fit to wear to a dog fight. I threw an old shampoo bottle and a soap wrapper in the bag with it so it will smell good when it gets to wherever old shirts go when their time is up. It was probably the one shirt I liked the best of all that I have ever worn. They just do not make shirts like that anymore. Is there such a thing as a shirt that is not made in China these days?

With the cloud cover such as it is the sunset was a bit better than usual.

pic1  pic2  pic3

pic4  pic5  pic6

pic7  pic8


Joan grabbed the camera, took off and took these photographs. They were all taken around the park baseball field.

The temperature and weather was not available when the movie ended. Apache Junction has been shut down off and on all day. They must be having trouble or are remodelling.

Just as we went to transmit this to the website Apache Juncation came back up with their temperatures and claim 19C or 66F. Joan claims hers is more accurate. Joan put our outdoor thermometer outside for awhile after the movie and it read 10C or 50F and that was the day.

Another nice day was over.

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