The 2011 Trip
Part 77 – A ho hum Monday doing as little as possible

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Temperature this morning at 7 AM 8C or 46F and another cloudless day. By 9 AM the temperature had dropped slightly to 7C or 45F.

Joan went to the Monday morning meeting. There was a large crowd. She did not have a doughnut so did not get in on the rush for them.

We went into Apache Junction as soon as Joan arrived back home. We sent Josie's birthday parcel, got a hair cut, then created a bit of inflation at Apache Junction RV and Wal-Mart. After that we got a tank of diesel. The truck sure looked like it would take fifty bucks worth but managed forty-three so had to get a refund through the glass cage. It was just as well. Two girls were there from California in a big panic. They did not know how they would get their gas so being the good Canadian we is, we explained it to them in detail. We told them to buy more than they needed then make them give back the remainder on their credit card. We went to the glass cage just ahead of them and told the guy he was not charging enough for his diesel because the truck would not take the fifty. When we left everyone was laughing and having a good time. What a system and what a routine to put a good tourist through.

We arrived back at the trailer at noon and at 1 PM the temperature was 23C or 73F and it felt like 90F back home without a cloud in the sky.

We spent the afternoon sitting out in the sun. We came in and while working on the computer the Internet service went down. It was off for about one hour.

One of the para-sails took off an hour before sunset and this one went way up. It went up higher than any we have seen before and went south. It must have been on a mission because it kept going and went out of sight. Maybe it had Tucson in mind. It would definitely not go near Florence. Florence is a large prison facility and little else. Flying over that prison with that thing would be unthinkable.

We did laundry this evening and there was no movie.

Apache Junction was stating 25C or 77F at the same time our truck was stating 62F this evening. We have found the truck to be accurate with the other thermometers we have run into and compared. One assumes it is colder around the park here than at Apache Junction.

That was the day and another nice one is history.

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