The 2011 Trip
Part 78 – Dynamax – Tinnitus

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

At 1:40 AM the temperature was 11C or 52F according to the Apache Junction weather office. The same office claims it was 6C or 43F at 9 AM. It was also another cloudless morning and 12C or 54F by 10 AM.. It was 18C or 64F by 12:30 noon with a few high cirrus clouds. The high flying aircraft were leaving good long contrails. By 3 PM it was 24C or 75F with a few alto cumulus mixed in with the contrails. The alto cumulus was increasing with the temperature at 27C or 81F by 4:30 PM. The alto cumulus became quite thick and we were looking forward to another colourful sunset but it did not happen. By sunset the alto cumulus had dissipated to a couple of small clouds only. The high flying aircraft contrails had shrunk to very short and we noticed they were reddish in colour as the sun sank out of sight. The sunset was another routine Arizona sunset and nothing spectacular about it. At 6:35 PM there was a thin orange, yellow, green glow on the horizon only. The Apache Junction weather office was stating the temperature as 28C or 82F at that time.




Yes, these are the photographs of the Freightliner Motorhome that we included in part 44 and the motorhome has not moved. These photographs were taken on January 12th, 2011. The motorhome is a Dynamax Motorhome and if one brings up Dynamax Motorhome in Google they will learn all about it. Yes, around $250,000.00. That is one quarter of a million no matter what way you slice it and do not forget to add on the price of the Jeep. We have no desire to own one. Red Roscoe and the Horse Trailer are perfect. Red Roscoe is much more comfortable to ride around in and fits in very well with the other one ton duallies in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Not only that, but if you drop your bar of soap in the shower of the Horse Trailer you can simply bend down and pick it up. Try that in the shower of the Dynamax.



This is the photograph of Red Roscoe and the Horse Trailer taken on December 4th, 2010, at St. George, South Carolina and was included in part 5. We include this so one can simply look at it rather than go back and try to find it. Double click on your left mouse button and bring the photograph up so you can see it clearly. It is a bit hard to see Joan's bicycle in the bike rack on the back of the trailer. That bike rack fits in the trailer hitch we had installed when the trailer was built, thinking Mitch may want to take one of his boats with him on a trip some time.


This past weekend was great for us. We received a photo of Josie in her Valentine outfit including the Arizona cap we sent her. Her socks are decorated with hearts as well. We now have this photo as background on our desk top. It has brightened things up considerably.

Thanks Marion for the report on the Executive meeting of the Tinnitus Support Group of Atlantic Canada held Saturday morning. By the time we get back you folks will have found the button for the elevator, rather than stand around looking stupid waiting for me to push it. By then you all will have found the button and will likely leave me standing there wondering where you all went.

The Apache Junction Gold Canyon News for February 14 – 20, 2011 has an interesting article on page A6 titled “Learn about Hearing at College.” It reads in part : “Participants will learn what causes tinnitus – or the ringing in the ear – and treatments that work.” We have a copy in the mail for you Mark. We all are treated as though we own a Dynamax here and everything costs. We will not spend the $20.00 on this although it would be interesting.

We heard little but static all day on 14023 kilohertz. We did hear the odd one tune but then disappeared. Not only was the band not that good, there was very little on the rest of the bottom 50 kilohertz of 20-meters. A very quiet day for that area of the ham radio world. Around 4 PM we could hear a couple of stations that indicated the band was improving.

We spent the day sitting in the sun. One cannot get it any better than that. We did not make a dumpster run nor have a movie this evening. We simply read and when we called it a day Apache Junction claimed the temperature was 16C or 61F. That was another nice day that we enjoyed doing nothing much of anything.

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