The 2011 Trip
Part 79 – A practice run for Dickie – No Land Rover seen yet

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

The temperature at 8 AM was 8C or 46F and cloudless.

My knee is getting so bad I can hardly walk. We will give it another day or two before we see a doctor. Between the knee and the tinnitus, one or the other and maybe both will soon have me in a home someplace.

The truck had 59354 kilometres on it when we left here this morning at 9:55 AM. We arrived at the house Dick and Donna have rented at 11:02 AM and the truck had 59449 kilometres on it's odometer. That is one hour and seven minutes according to my Jethro Bodine level of higher mathematics. The goes inta and goes outta tells me that was 95 kilometres in heavy eight lanes of traffic all the way, the shortest route there. The traffic is so bad between here and there the on ramps of the freeways have traffic lights. They only allow so many vehicles on at a time.

One of the quietest moments on the freeway going over complete with dirt on the windshield. Note the Stop lights. There is one on each side of the on ramp and one is right behind the yellow sign. When they are red you stop. If not, you will have a big cop pounding you on the head with his night stick while he writes you out one stiff ticket. The cops are out there on everything from motorcycles to camouflaged sport utility vehicles. We saw a half dozen this morning. We even had a Sheriff in a decked out well marked crew cab pickup leaving the park here when we came back.
Dick and Donna's temporary home from the open side window.

Parked in front of their temporary home and looking down the street complete with the dirt still on the windshield


We stopped at the Chinese Restaurant in the mall across the street on the way home for lunch and then went to the grocery store for a few things. When we landed back at the trailer at 2:15 PM the temperature was 25C or 77F. The sky had a fairly good cloud cover of cumulus and alto cumulus cloud. The cover was thick enough it blocked the sun at times and then started to dissipate.

I felt so rotten I laid down and slept an hour this afternoon. When I got up at 4 PM the sky was overcast in cumulus and alto cumulus cloud cover. The sun was blocked completely and Joan was inside playing with this computer. The temperature was still 25C or 77F. This is not in the local forecast but rain is forecasted for this coming weekend.

Sunset was about 6:20 PM but it was not as pretty as the night Joan took the photographs. This one was pretty but there were too many clouds so the red was not spread out like the other night. The temperature at sunset was still 25C or 77F.

14023 kilohertz had nothing much on it and nothing of interest. We did hear a couple of stations and all but one were just playing with their automatic telegraph keys.

We see quite a few British Land Rovers around Nova Scotia. They sell them in Halifax and we expected to see some here in Arizona. It is a great country for one but so far we have not seen one. These are the British Jeep if you are not familiar with them. According to the Internet they sell them both here in Phoenix and in Tucson. We had better keep looking because we are bound to see one. Although the traffic is so darn thick one has little time to look around. Like we have said, this must have been beautiful country when there was nothing here but Apache Indians and rattle snakes. There are so many people that a century from now the whole world will look like down town Bombay. At least we will not be here but feel sorry for those who will.

There was no dumpster run this evening and when the movie ended the temperature was 22C or 72F. This was the end of another good day.

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