The 2011 Trip
Part 80 – Superstition Mountain – Another day doing nothing

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The temperature was 17C or 63F at 4:30 AM. If one cannot sleep they may as well do something constructive; check the temperature. At 9 AM the temperature was 15C or 59F so was creeping back up from wherever it had been. There was pretty good cumulus cloud cover and the sun kept going in and out behind the cloud. By 11 AM the cloud had dissipated to the point it was another clear sunny day. The cloud had moved to the point there was just a band around the horizon. The weather here is rather fascinating the way the clouds come and go for no apparent reason. The wind is another thing that just pops up then disappears. It was simply as calm as could be when the wind came up and blew the trailer door shut with a bang. Joan and I both aged a couple of years. Then the wind died as fast as it came up. The temperature in the trailer with everything but the door open at 4 PM was 82F or 26C. It is hard to get an accurate Celsius temperature on these two dollar hardware store thermometers.

The Internet went out shortly after 10 AM.

We laid around all day and did as little as possible. We want to stay off this right leg as much as possible and see if this knee will quit aching. We have run out of excuses as to what caused this. We are down to the point old age and all the driving appears to be the only logical answer. Doctor Joan rubbed in a good dose of her newest brand of horse liniment. What the heck, it is a horse trailer and it may as well smell like one.


Just prior to sunset I went out and took a few photographs of the trailer. I was trying to get one of the trailer with the mountain in the background. The mountain is Superstition Mountain. Superstition Mountain has long been the subject of interesting stories, mystery, Indian lore and tales of lost treasure gold. It offers many hiking trails, ancient Indian artifacts and the beauty of the desert. It is the location of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. This RV Park uses a photo for advertising taken near this very site and I was trying to get one similar with our trailer in the photograph.


Another nice day ended when the movie ended and the Internet was still not working.

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