The 2011 Trip
Part 81 – A do nothing day and we did it well

The Internet went off at 10 AM Thursday and we found it working early this morning at 12:30 AM. The temperature at that time was 13C or 55F. At 8 AM there was no weather office report on the Internet and it did not come on all day. Things are getting a bit weird with the Internet around the old RV park.

We called CQ several times on 14023 but did not work anyone around 1900 UTC. We went up the band and heard KT6DX calling CQ so had a good chat with him. A contest of some description commenced on 14023 late in the afternoon and we soon lost interest and turned the radio off.

The cloud cover was a mixed bag all day. The cloud cover was mostly cumulus and there was no sun. At times it looked like it might rain. The sunset was simply a red glow on the horizon for a few moments. Joan walked around the park and stopped for the mail this afternoon. I did not leave the trailer. A wasted day for sure but we are going to cure this knee one way or another. We did get a slight shower around 7 PM. The day ended when our last movie ended and that was the day.

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