The 2011 Trip
Part 83 – A dreary Sunday to go with our dreary Saturday

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

The temperature at 8 AM was 47.4F the same as it was last night when the day ended. Maybe the thermometer was stuck but at noon it was 54.2F. Heavy black cumulus cloud cover and once in awhile it would break and let the sun shine. The rain yesterday washed all the dust off the truck. It looks good so clean and shiny.

We have no idea why anyone would want to read these daily reports but it takes me a minute to type one so we will keep at it. They will go with my 13 notebooks we already have on our experiences towing these trailers. When we get our home computer back we want to type up a list of the states, provinces and territories we have visited with these trailers for each year. There is room on a panel in the living room of this trailer to frame and mount such a list. It would be nice to be able to look up, note a year and where we were. It should help with the memories.

We received a heavy rain starting at 12:05 PM. Joan had been home from church for nearly an hour. I did not go. I'm going to cure this knee if it is possible. It was still raining at 12:30 PM and it had rained hard for awhile with some hail in it. The black clouds appeared to be touching the ground. The temperature was 47.3F at 12:30 PM having dropped from 54.2F at noon or in one half hour. It is hard to believe. Like I say a thermometer puts on a lot of mileage around here. The rain had stopped for awhile at least at 12:45PM. It started again at 1:30 PM and we had low cloud and rain showers off and on all day. The temperature was 46.2F at 2PM and the weather office had the statement that it feels like 44F noted.

The movie we watched last evening was The Great Indian Wars. It was very interesting especially since we are camped right where a lot of it took place. They stated the wars were from 1540 to 1890 and ended with the last battle just down the road from here at Apache Pass. It was quite lengthy with an approximate run time of 235 minutes. I watched the last of it this morning while Joan was at church. She had little interest in this movie.


This made our dreary day a little brighter. Joan took this at 4:15 PM but could not get the full rainbow. We could see it from one end to the other and it was bright. There always has to be a street light in the way around the park. It was raining when she took the photograph and the temperature was 49.0F. This old furnace has worked and worked well today. Both the furnace and the dehumidifier have been working overtime trying to keep the interior of the old horse trailer dry and warm


The HF antenna is still disconnected and will remain that way until tomorrow.

It was 47.7F at 6 PM and became a nice sunny day at about 5 PM but there are some rugged looking cumulus clouds on the horizon. We hope they will simply dissipate. The sunset was pretty but not as pretty as when Joan took the photographs of one. The temperature when the sunset at 6:25 PM was 47.0F.

The weather office at Gold Canyon claimed it was 42.6F at 8:30PM with the sky clear and it would go down to 38F overnight.

The Canyon Vistas RV Park Choir put on a show this evening and Joan and Karen went up to it. I am still trying to cure this knee and remained home in the trailer as much as I would have liked to attend. They claim I missed a great show. And another day is history.

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