The 2011 Trip
Part 85 – Another Tuesday but a nice one

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

The weather station at Gold Canyon claims the sky is clear and the temperature is 38.3F and feels like 38F at 3:50 AM. We could not sleep so might as well do something constructive or destructive. The choice is yours. Apparently one not being able to sleep is normal for the medication the doctor has me on.

The one thing we failed to mention in yesterday's report was the traffic. One would have had to see route 60 out past the RV park to believe it. Bumper to bumper and creeping all the way, both ways, all four lanes. We crept out through it and had to cross right over to the other side in order to go off in a couple of miles. We made it and went past one accident complete with two police cars and one fire truck assisting. We had to straddle the rear licence plate of one vehicle that had been beaten off the vehicle and was laying in the road. They claim it was a medieval park down the road complete with jousting that caused it. Hard to believe, and the only way we would believe it was to see it.

A big percentage of the population of this place must be a member of a police force of some description. We have never seen so many police vehicles. There is one hidden everywhere, usually behind a bush, bridge pillar, somewhere that the opposing traffic cannot see. There are so called ghost cars but most cars are well marked. There are a lot of colours. Some are white, some black and some brown. The motorcycles we have seen are a dark tan. They claim the whole country is hurting financially with the recession and apparently they are trying to make up for it in traffic fines. Joan said they were warned it would be like that at the meeting yesterday.

Joan was up to the sewing room sewing on Josie's quilt all morning.

The Gold Canyon weather station stated the temperature was 51.0F in a cloudless sky at 9 AM. The trailer furnace agrees. These trailer furnaces are quite noisy.

I spent most of the morning completing the medical forms that were e-mailed to me. When I went to add something to this daily report I found it in the recycle bin so I'm not having a very good day. There are those who probably feel it should have remained there.

It is quite warm although the official temperature is 65.3F with scattered clouds at 2 PM. We have the trailer door open this afternoon. The trailer door is still open at 4 PM and Gold Canyon is giving 64.7F for a temperature and partly cloudy.

Mitch phoned and I had a good chat with him or as good as one can have on a $19.00 cell phone. Towards the end another transmission kept cutting in on us but even so the call certainly helped make me feel better. Joan was across the street visiting with Jan and missed the call. Josie received her birthday parcel and all the kids received their post card I had mailed them. I sent each kid a post card describing the animals around the park.

I had 14023 kilohertz on most of the day but heard little of interest.

At 7 PM the Gold Canyon weather station claims it is 55.5F and still partly cloudy.

The day ended with the movie and Gold Canyon claims 47.3F and clear. Another good one history.

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