The 2011 Trip
Part 88 – The Fashion Show

Friday, February 25th, 2011

The temperature at 7 AM this morning was 38.8F with partly cloudy skies. We have one of doctor Ben's pills left for this evening and that should be it. The knee is not like new but is much, much better. Now that we know what caused it we will be much more careful. Yesterday we tried to keep the leg as straight as possible when using the brake. It would be nice if we could have a little more leg room in the cockpit of that truck.

XE1RK was on 14023 kilohertz this morning. He has a beautiful fist and was sending perfect code the other day, but was having a bit of a rough day this morning with a few mistakes. There was a pretty good bunch on there this morning. K6XG on the Pacific Coast had a good chat with SM6CNN in Sweden and I could copy both solid so the old band was in good shape.

Gold Canyon was stating 57.0F at 9:47 AM with mostly cloudy skies but the sun was bright and hot. At 11:55 AM they were stating 64.0F and still claiming mostly cloudy. The cloud was not affecting the sun that much and it was quite hot.

Joan spent the day at a fashion show here in the park ballroom. Like everything else it cost to go. We had no desire to sit through that and I am not sure we men were suppose to go. She was home by 2PM and had a great time.

I spent most of the day sitting out on the cement patio enjoying the sun. It managed to get quite hot at times. Gold Canyon stated it was 68.0F and mostly cloudy at 2PM. I do not believe there was one minute while sitting out that there was no aircraft overhead. There were often three. The high flying jets left a routine contrail. Some of the low flying piston aircraft were quite noisy as though they needed a better muffler. Maybe it is the air or something around here that makes them sound that way. This is one beautiful way to spend a winter. It is a shame it is so far from Nova Scotia.

Ron and Jan in the motorhome across the street from Colorado were over and sat out with Joan and I for over an hour this afternoon. A great visit. We are the same age and with his 34 years with the Army we had all moved around a lot and had a lot of stories to swap.

At 5:30PM Gold Canyon claimed 66.0F and mostly cloudy. The mostly cloudy did little to affect the sun. It was beautiful and we were looking for shade from the truck at times.

I had a good chat with Butch at the Navy Town of Pensacola, Florida, as he called it at 6:10PM. This was right on 14023 kilohertz after I called CQ. He did not say he was in the Navy when I told him I was and from a Navy family.

After sunset we made a dumpster run, mailed a letter and Joan gave some books to the library. She also borrowed a couple more.

We came home for another movie and the day ended with the movie again. At that time Gold Canyon stated 50.0F with clear skies. It was a nice dark night walking home. We did not see many stars. Another day is over and is history with so many others.

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