The 2011 Trip
Part 89 – The Canadian Pot Luck Supper

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

At 6:30AM the temperature here at Gold Canyon was 51.5F with mostly cloudy skies. They were mostly alright. When the sun came up there was no sun. It was overcast. The temperature at 7:50AM was 54.0F and was logged as overcast. It was still overcast and 57.8F at 9:40AM. At 11AM the temperature was 65.7F and stating mostly cloudy rather than overcast. The sun did manage to shine a bit in the morning. It was warm and pleasant. I wore just a short sleeve summer shirt and it was very comfortable.

It was overcast and 66.0F at 2PM. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was 63.5F, overcast and wind calm at the same time. Glenn and Vicki should be there or will be shortly and we are warmer than they are. But like they say Arizona has a dry heat. Like I say it is too darn bad Nova Scotia is so far from Arizona because it is a great place to spend a winter. It is a pity history had not divided up North America so that we Canadians had some of the warm sections.

Joan and I were over to the grocery across the street and picked up a few things this morning. Mainly three nice looking pies for the Canadian potluck this afternoon.

On the way home we picked up Josie's quilt at the sewing room as far as it is done. All it needs now is the binding put on around the edge. Joan wants to do that on Tuesday at the sewing room.


This is Joan and Dottie looking over Josie's Jelly Roll quilt this morning. It is one beautiful quilt. Josie does not know how lucky she is I am sure. She is seven years old, soon to be eight and has her bedroom decorated in those colours. Click on the picture with your left mouse button and take a close look.

pic2  pic3  pic4

There were 167 Canadians at the Canadian Pot Luck Supper. Mostly Ontario but there is another couple here from Nova Scotia. This other couple lived at Annapolis Royal and recently moved to Truro.

We were home by 6:45PM when the temperature was 59.0F with an overcast sky. We had two small pieces left of the three pies we had taken to the supper.

When the movie ended the temperature was 56.1F with a clear sky according to the Gold Canyon weather station. The day terminated with the movie again. A great way to end a great day.

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