The 2011 Trip
Part 90 – Snow on Superstition Mountain

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

The rain started shortly after midnight when the temperature was 51.1F. There was some wind with the rain. We did not check the weather when we first got up but at 8AM the temperature was 37.8F and mostly cloudy. We did not realize it was that cold. The mostly cloud blocked the sun. At least there was no sign of the sun when we got up and at 8AM. The sun actually broke out and shone first at 8:06AM. At 9:20AM it was 40.6F and still mostly cloudy. Mostly cloudy it was. There were some very fine examples of very low and heavy cumulus with the sun breaking out now and then through the holes.

Joan and I went to church this morning. It helps when one can walk. There were 290 there this morning. The music alone is worth the cost and the drive here to hear it. When we came out of church one could see the snow on Superstition Mountain and Joan grabbed the camera and went off for a few pictures. We arrived home about 11:30AM from church when the temperature was 49.8F and they were advertising mostly cloudy. There were still a lot of those big old heavy low cumulus clouds around. The sun managed to break through and shine for a few minutes now and then.

pic1   pic2

By 11:55AM we had a combination of rain and snow mixed right here at site 543 in Canyon Vistas RV Park. The winter we would come of course. Everyone claims they wore nothing but shorts last winter and we have worn ours the once only. The rain and snow mixed certainly fogged up the windows in the trailer. A job for the dehumidifier and thank goodness we brought it.

By 12:15PM the weather had changed to simply rain and the dehumidifier had the windows cleared. The temperature was down to 43.0F.

This is the mountain at 12:15PM out the back window of the trailer across Lyle's Hitchhiker II. Lyle is from Michigan.
This is a few minutes later from the trailer's patio when the sun was shining on the mountain. So there you have it. Snow in Arizona. But they advertise it as a dry heat. Apparently it isn't that dry this year. By 12:50PM it had cleared off.

I went back and laid on the futon listening to 14023 kilohertz and fell to sleep. At 2:20PM it was a sunny afternoon with the temperature at 50.8F and mostly cloudy. The mostly cloudy was those big old bright white cumulus. They were beautiful clouds. Joan was busy putting together another quilt up on the bed.

The temperature at 3:30PM was 50.0F with mostly cloudy and a twenty percent change of rain showers. By 5:15PM it was a bright sunny day, scattered clouds and the temperature had climbed to 54.5F.

A thermometer certainly puts on a lot of mileage in this country. At 6:15PM just after I had taken Joan to the laundry the temperature was 50.1F with scattered cloud. It has the makings of a nice clear cold night.

The laundry is done for another week, Joan has another quilt well underway and the evening movie has ended. Another day over and the temperature is 38.6F with clear skies.

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