The 2011 Trip
Part 91 Monday morning meeting then to Mesa

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The temperature was 35.6F with clear skies at 6:40AM. The windows of the trailer were fogged. We have never seen the windows so fogged. The temperature was a shade lower at 7:07AM at 34.4F with clear skies. Everything is covered in moisture outside including all the vehicles. One would have to use their windshield wipers in order to move.

There was still lots of dew around at 8:05AM with a nice sunny clear morning and the temperature at 39.7F.

Joan and I left the trailer at 8:25AM for the Monday morning meeting. There was a big crowd at the meeting and the doughnut line went right around the room.

On our way home from the meeting we had a chat with the folks from Truro, Nova Scotia. They have a rented park model but this is the only time they plan to be here. It is just too far to drive. They have spent the past three years in Florida and plan to go back there from now on. We agree that the drive is just too long.

After the meeting Joan and I went over to Mesa, Arizona. We had a good morning there creating more inflation. We came back and had dinner at the Village Inn in Apache Junction. We picked up another bottle of propane at Apache Propane and then went to the grocery here at Gold Canyon. We arrived home about 2PM and sat out in the sun soaking up the rays. At 4PM the temperature was 68.0F and they are recording partly cloudy, but we could see no clouds from the cement patio here in the park.

There were lots of aircraft in the air as usual. One was World War II vintage and looked to me like a B24. They circled around a couple of times, probably to make sure everything was in good shape before they took off towards the south. The air, the soil, or something around here makes these aircraft sound louder than normal. They all sound like they could use a new muffler.

We came in from sitting out at 5:30PM when the temperature was 67.1F and they claimed partly cloudy. We still could see no clouds from the cement patio. There were still aircraft flying around and a lot of it appeared to be students practising.

Two high jets were going over as the sun set. One south and the other west. They were leaving rather short contrails. There must be a few clouds some place for them to record partly cloudy but we could see none at sunset.

We were listening to 14023 kilohertz when around the trailer but heard nothing of interest. One fellow tuned up and asked if the frequency was in use and was told it was but we heard nothing further. Some one must feel that they own the frequency.

When the old movie ended this evening the temperature was 51.2F under clear skies. We had nothing to take to the dumpster so the day ended with the movie.

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