The 2011 Trip
Part 93 – The Fashion Show again with photographic proof

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

A nice sunny morning and the temperature at 8AM was 52.2F under partly cloudy skies. The temperature came up quite fast and was 63.3F at 9:30AM with scattered clouds but we could see none from the trailer windows.

Jan and Ron got away by 8:45AM. It will be rather lonely until they return Sunday.

Joan and I spent a couple of hours over in Basha's Grocery here in Gold Canyon. When we arrived home at 11:30AM the temperature was 70.9F under scattered clouds. The scattered clouds were few and far between but you could see them if you looked real hard. The sun was hot. It was even better by 1:30PM when still scattered clouds but the temperature had reached 76.1F.

Joan and I attended the fashion show at the park ballroom at 3PM. It was a lot of fun and a rerun of the one Joan attended in part 88. When we arrived back at the trailer at 4PM the temperature was 77.2F under partly cloudy skies.

The old char woman shining things up for the big performance.
The title of the show was Clothes Encounters of the Third Kind. This is the third year it has been put on here at the park.
The Bride

This is the Lost Duchess of Superstition Mountain. They all knew of the Lost Dutchman of the Mountain.

These are two Canadian girls from Ontario who did a fine job of rocking to a Shania Twain tune.


This is the Biker that came without either Harley or Davidson approval we are certain. Not likely Norton would have been interested as well. We doubt that Orange County Choppers would be either.

This is the Hiker fully equipped for any or all emergency while hiking the mountain or any mountain.

These are the Pointer Sisters. Click on your left mouse button and bring these photos up so you can see them.

She was ashamed to come out in her Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.


This is the whole gang and a fine show it was. They had appropriate music for each skit. Burl Ives sang the Lost Dutchman song to the Lost Duchess skit.



They turned out a good crowd.

I fired off a couple of good CQ's at noon or 1900UTC on 14023 kilohertz but worked no one. We heard little on 14023 kilohertz most of the day except around 5PM local time when it came alive. There were a string of stations transmitting nothing but their call sign. There must have been a contest. Every so often one would simply transmit 5NN and that was it. One heard no more from that station. 5NN is an abbreviation for 599 the best signal report they can give. When transmitting weather years ago we abbreviated all the figures. This burst of activity did not last long and then nothing more was heard until we turned the radio off for the day.

We had a beautiful sunset tonight but the camera would not take a decent photo of it. We spent a good part of the day sitting out in the sun. We had all the hatches, door and windows open most of the day.

The temperature was down to 67.6F at 7PM. The bottom falls out of the thermometer as soon as the sun drops out of sight.

When the evening movie ended the temperature was 62.9F under a clear sky.

That was our March 2nd, 2011.

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