The 2011 Trip
Part 96 – Photos Apache Junction – Quilt finished – Para Sails

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

The temperature at 9:40AM was 67.1F under scattered clouds. The clouds did not interfere with the sunshine.

Joan and I spent the morning at Wal-Mart and had lunch at the Subway. The temperature was 73.4F under scattered clouds when we came home at 12:30PM.

We dragged the camera along this morning for a few photos.



This is the Main Gate to Canyon Vistas RV Park going out and coming back in. This is right on Route 60 just East of the Gold Canyon Sign.
This is the Gold Canyon sign as one leaves Apache Junction on Route 60.
The Hutsell family own and operate Apache Junction RV and we have created a fair amount of inflation at that store. This is a father, mother and two son's. They do a fine job of servicing your RV as well.
This is inside the Main Entrance to the Apache Junction Wal-Mart store from the inside looking out.
This is the parking lot at the Apache Junction Wal-Mart. One can usually find a half dozen one ton dually's parked there but of course today there were none.

This is the Village Inn Restaurant that makes and sells the best pies in America. They have the sign above the cash register to prove it. One gets a free piece of pie and coffee with whatever one orders on Wednesday evening. The place is crowded at that time and most take a pie home with them at $8.00 per pie. They are good and have the Joan and Spud seal of approval. Ace Hardware is just to the right at the back of a large parking lot. Another nice store to shop in.



This is Silly Mountain that everyone climbs at least once while here. There are those who climb it every morning. One wonders how busy it will be when the rattle snakes come out of hibernation. The paths on the mountain are full of snake holes. This is the mountain I noted with photographs in part 68.


This is the flag in front of Canyon Vistas RV Park that we all home in on as we come back on route 60. Route 60 is a four lane highway going past the RV Park.


We spent the afternoon sitting out on the cement patio sucking up the rays. A beautiful afternoon with a nice breeze. Joan worked on Josie's quilt out there. The high flying aircraft were leaving good long contrails. We had as many as five crisscross the sky at once. There were four old aircraft flying around. Two formations of two. They appeared to be World War II vintage but were just far enough away we could not get a real good look at them.

The scattered clouds left everything rather hazy. The temperature at 2:20PM was 78.7F. We had everything open in and on the trailer and it made it easier to talk to each other when one was in and the other out.

Every now and then someone fires up the main engine on their motorhome. Some seem quite anxious to leave for home. Bob behind us fired his up this afternoon and let her run for awhile. It is amazing how much they sound like a ship. Bob and Sandy do not plan to leave until the 2nd or 3rd of April for home up in Montana. Their motorhome is a big one and has air brakes. Bob has an air brake endorsement in order to drive it. Ron's has air brakes also but they do not need the air brake endorsement in Colorado so Ron did not bother to get one.




Josie's quilt was finished at 3:25PM today. As one can see it is a beautiful piece of work.



The temperature at 4PM was 78.2F and it was hazy under scattered clouds. It was nice sitting out.

At 5:35PM there was a hell of a racket in the coyote pasture just west of the park. Not one, but five para sails took off. They headed out towards route 60. On reaching route 60 they hung a left and went in towards Apache Junction. One only came back at 6PM just before dark. I mention this with a photo of one in part 75.

At 7PM the temperature was 68.2F under mostly cloudy skies. There was a lot of high cirrus cloud around 5:30PM. The high flying aircraft were leaving very long contrails.

When the movie ended the temperature was 61.8F under clear skies. Amazing how quickly that cloud cover disappeared, it was nearly as fast as our day. Another day is over.

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