The 2011 Trip
Postscript by Robert G4PYR

Now Spud & Joan have no idea that I was going to write this so I hope they forgive me for having the last word so to speak!

Although I have asked Spud to do a sum up chapter at some time in the future (Now added on 12th June 2011).

When I suggested to Spud that we record their trip on the web site I am sure he thought I was nuts! He wont be the last to think that no doubt.

As you will have seen from the other articles on this site Spud has a knack for telling a story, so I knew a record of his trip was well worth doing.

We set him up with his email address at his domain and provided web access for it at any location.

Wi-Fi on the journey turned out to be as frustrating and poor as we both expected it to be. But in true amateur tradition Spud got the message through when he could, though thankfully we did not have to resort to HF CW at any time!

On a personal note I hope you have enjoyed following the adventures of Spud and Joan as they travelled from place to place and spent Christmas and the New Year in Arizona. Sue my wife loves the postcards they have sent us and they are up on a notice board here in my office next to her desk. The gift you both kindly sent her has pride of place in the living room.

During the trip the web site has had over 5000 unique visitors from 95 countries, so I am sure the trip has been followed far and wide.

I have never met Spud and perhaps never will but he is on my list of friends I have made via amateur radio, although we have never ever worked on the radio.

So Spud thanks for the adventure I have enjoyed recording it on your web site, we have at times felt that we were there alongside you but thankfully not having to pay for the diesel.

Robert G4PYR Peterborough England
Nowhere near Peterborough Ontario!!

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